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Fitness required for Everest Base Camp Trek | How hard is Everest Base Camp Trek?


Everest base camp trek has been successfully accomplished by the young ones of seven years old to senior citizens of seventy years old. Therefore, rather than the age, you should look for your health and physical condition with fitness level required for Everest base camp trek. Straight Everest base camp trek is not that enduring compared to three passes trek and if you are trekking along experienced guide, who ensures proper acclimatization, knows how your body is reacting to high altitudes, you can surely be at the base camp of top of the world trekking through one of the best trekking trails.

However, Everest Base Camp is surely not a walk in a park, trekking activity begins as you arrive at Lukla air strip, passing through river banks, forested land, steep ascends, descends, stone rocky steps, terrains and glaciers all the way to Everest base camp at an altitude of 5545 meters above sea level. If you have any kind of cardio and breathing problems, knee problems you must consult your doctor beforehand. After all you want to embark for Everest base camp trek for adventure, not to fall sick.

During 14 days of trekking activity in Everest base camp trek, you will be walking for an average of 8.1 km per day which approximately takes 7 hours in normal pace. Even slow trekkers can manage it without hassle if you are walking at your own pace, listening to your body and acclimatizing accordingly. If you are just on an office chair and can’t manage few stairs on the building, then just think about walking for average of 7 hours per day at mountains. But with regular cardio vascular exercises like jogging, swimming, cycling for few months prior the trip, your body will gain stamina and yes of course you can also join Everest base camp trek. Please be noted that you need not to be experienced hikers, mountaineers or climbers with six pack abs for Everest base camp trekking.

Furthermore, it can be said that Everest base camp trek is enjoyed to the fullest by all those people who are fairly fit, can manage stairs on few storey building and have few days of previous trekking or hiking experience around the mountains. Hiring a porter can be a good option if you want your gears and loads to be carried as the weight seems tripled with gaining altitudes. Therefore, Everest base camp trek has something to offers for all the adventure lovers who are reasonably fit and aspire to step at base camp of Mt. Everest, top of the world.