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Top 10 attractions in Nepal

Visiting Nepal would be one of the great decisions that you might take for vacations and holidays. Nepal is without a doubt, the trekker’s paradise and the place where you can explore diversity in culture, topography along actively taking part in activities that defines adventure, thrill and adrenaline. On the other hand cultural tours, pilgrimage tours and special interest tours let you explore the highlights of Nepal in most amazing way. Either you are hardcore adventure lover, nomadic explorer or looking for family holiday, embark for Nepal holidays, it just has it all. Now, here are top 10 attractions in Nepal that wouldn’t want to miss at all.

10. Kathmandu valley sightseeing:

Sightseeing in Kathmandu Durbar Square
Sightseeing in Kathmandu Durbar Square

As soon as you arrive at capital city Katmandu, you would get shocked by glimpse of busy streets, people and market all around. While strolling around the Thamel area, there are plenty of trekking shops, book shops, music shops, banks, atms, restaurants, bars and hotels; it is known as tourist hub in Kathmandu.

Just grab a street food like momos, spring rolls, samoshas or fast food items like burger and hotdog then stroll around the compact stone paved streets around Thamel area. At walking distance from Thamel, visit Kathmandu durbar square, the UNESCO world heritage site which gives an insight to centuries old culture and architectures. Visit museums, architectural home of living goddesses Kumari, Kasthamandap temple, Hanuman dhoka palace courtyards and other attractions.

Monkey temple Swayambhunath stupa, Little Tibet Boudhanath stupa, and famous hindu shrine Pashupatinath temple are other world heritage sites that you should visit while in Kathmandu.

Further, experience the cultural, historical and architectural sites around these medieval cities Bhaktapur and Patan too.

9. Nepal Mountain flight:    

Nepal mountain flight is the easiest way to view all the major snow capped mountains up close just within an hour.  It is an ideal option for all those who are looking to explore Himalayas but they are not being able to do so due to many reasons like time shortage or not fit enough to embark for trek. Every morning during the clear weather, fly above Himalayas via Nepal mountain flight.

Mountain flight in Nepal is organized in such a way that every sit is a window sit from where you will be notified about Himalayan peaks by flight attendant. Even you will be allowed to enter cockpit and take the pictures. Therefore if you love mountains then, Nepal mountain flight is the must to be experienced attraction in Himalayan country Nepal.

8.Nepal Rafting adventure:

Nepal Adventure Trekking and Tours

Hold our breath and keep paddling during white water rafting adventure in Nepal. The glacial melts from Himalayas and unlimited raging rivers makes the perfect site for experiencing rafting adventure. Trishuli, bhotekhoshi, Sunkoshi, marshyandi and kaligandaki being the major rafting rivers of Nepal; the thrill of waterways in Trishuli river on your way to Chitwan or Pokhara should not be missed. And remember, rafting can be experienced even if you don’t know swimming. All the safety measures and rescue kayaks are always there to avoid accidents.

7.Chitwan National Park:

Chitwan Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari Tour in nepal

Join wilderness activities at Chitwan National Park. Riding elephant is fun in Chitwan. While you are on elephant jungle safari, witness the abundance of wildlife like royal Bengal tiger, musk deer, crocodiles and other flora faunas. Exploring local Tharu village, evening cultural dance show, local organic meals and staying in heritage homes gives an insight to their culture, tradition and lifestyle.

6. Visit Lumbini:

Nepal Buddhism Pilgrimage Tour
Nepal Buddhism Pilgrimage Tour

Lumbini is the holy pilgrimage site in Nepal where Lord Buddha was born. Thousands of Buddhists pilgrims from all over the place visits Lumbini to step on the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Visit to picturesque monasteries, temples, museums and land marks around the site definitely bless us with peace and tranquility. Lumbini has been the major touristic attraction after Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

5. Go Pokhara and don’t miss these things to do:

boating in Pokhara

Pokhara is another highlight on our top 10 attractions in Nepal. Pokhara is nature’s paradise often considered as heaven on earth. One of the most beautiful site not only in Nepal, but in whole world. The city blessed with plenty of lakes, surrounded by Annapurna Himalayan range on north. And lively place with lots of adventurous activities to experience.

Now if you are planning to visit Pokhara or if Pokhara is there in your itinerary then don’t miss these things to do. First would be boating on Phewa Lake which you must do and everybody else does either to visit island temple ‘tal barahi’ or just to explore the huge pristine lake and surroundings.

Second would be paragliding, the best way to fly like a bird from top of Sarangkot hill. This adventurous sport is gaining popularity day by. Your paragliding selfie would definitely get more likes than anything.

There is also and option of experiencing bungee jumping at Pokhara. Free fall from 70 meters on artificial pond with tied rope makes your heart pounding. Or you can also experience zip flying at Pokahra owned by high ground adventures. One of the best way to take your breath away.

Finally with plenty of other adventures you join for ultra light flight. The small air craft that takes you above the ground, with never seen views of mountains, lakes and a truly paradise Pokhara.

4. Upper Mustang trek:

Upper Mustang Exploratory Trek
Upper Mustang Exploratory Trek

Explore unique lifestyle and landscapes around off the beaten path in upper mustang trek. This trans-himalayan region is greatly influenced by Tibetan highlands culturally and topographically both ways. Upper mustang is uncrowded trek where you will get an insight to isolated thousands of years old traditions and cultures still followed by locals with same passion and belief. Most of the rocky stone houses and entire landscapes seems like this place is out of the world. Best time to visit Upper mustang is during their Tiji festival held year after end of winter and early spring season (March/April).

3. Langtang valley trek:

Langtang valley trek lies among popular trekking sites on our top 10 attractions in Nepal lists. It offers the best of greeneries, forest walks, insight to Tamang heritage near Tibetan border. If you want the Tibetan flavor in short trek from Kathmandu, then Langtang valley is your ideal option.

Langtang valley trek offers and once in a lifetime trekking opportunity through Langtang National park with the awe-inspiring Himalayan backdrop, scenic waterfalls, and lush green forests with Tibetan influenced culture nearby Kathmandu valley. The place must to be visited for explorers.

2. Annapurna base camp trek:

Annapurna base camp

Capture the best views of Annapurna Himalayan range along cultural exploration, waterfalls, scenic villages, terraced fields, beautiful rhododendron forests, and splendid mountain views before arriving at base camp of grand Annapurna.

Along the journey, early morning hike up to Poon-hill viewpoint for the splendid Annapurna Himalayan range enchants every incoming visitor.  Either trekking around ABC is your first time or you are experienced customer, there is always something new that’s fascinating.

1. Everest base camp trek:

at everest base camp
Base camp of Everest

EBC is definitely top of the top 10 attractions in Nepal. Step on base camp of Mt. Everest, top of the world to get the ultimate adventurous feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Everest base camp trek is the most on demand and popular trekking site in Nepal. Here thousands of trekkers and adventure lovers from all around the world visits annually. Trek through beautiful Sherpa Namche village, abundance of Himalayan floras and faunas at Sagarmatha national park, monasteries around Tengboche and magnificent panoramic views from Kalapathhar view point to finally arrive at Everest base camp.

Therefore these are the top 10 attractions in Nepal. What are your top attractions? Let us know on the comment box below.