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10 Off the Beaten Treks in Nepal that you must GO for!

Posted On : March 1, 2015

Off the beaten treks in Nepal are less visited mystical lands around small yet naturally blessed and diversified country. These less popular treks around rural areas are the adventurous journey where few travelers follow the trails compared to other popular trekking regions. You can relax, take your time, avoid crowd and experience an authentic local living, cultural richness, traditional and religious highlights along spectacular surrounding landscapes in challenging and adventurous way. Off the beaten treks are usually combinations of tea house and tented camping trekking. You will be rewarded by the feeling of getting disconnected from rest of the world and connect into wild state of nature while embarking for rural Nepal Treks.

On the other side of popular treks like Everest, Annapurna and Langtang, there are other plenty of unexplored rugged trekking trips yet to be experienced. Therefore, if you are looking for best off the beaten treks in Nepal then here are few that you might love to join in. The lists of 10 off the beaten treks are as follows:

  1. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek rewards you with true meaning of off the beaten Nepal treks around Annapurna region. Encircle the challenging track around world’s seventh highest peak with local Gurung ,Magar cultural insights, visit deepest Kaligandaki gorge in the world and spectacle the mesmerizing views of surrounding Himalayas.


  1. Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek is truly an off the beaten journey towards remote areas of western Nepal. Upper Dolpo region possesses quite similar geographical structure and religious composition like of Tibetans. Visit the deepest high lake of Shey Phoksuondo, get surprise on lifestyle of local ethnic groups, cross high passes and challenge yourself physically during our Upper Dolpo trek in Nepal.

  1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

During Kanchenjunga Trek, you will be walking the challenging yet rewarding trails around foothills of third highest mountain in the world. There would be plenty of natural exploration opportunities like walking through beautiful forests, valleys, glacial lakes, glaciers, cultural insights and glimpse of snow capped mountains.

  1. Makalu Trek

Mt. Makalu is the fifth highest mountain peak of the world and on our off the beaten path towards Makalu base camp offers the great adventure. We would be involving in a abundance of wildlife and bird watching opportunity at Makalu Barun National Park, walking the beautiful trails through forests, valleys, crossing high passes like Shipton La and Keke La, Barun glacier and cultural insights of Sherpas and Limbus. From high altitudes, top of the ridges, landscape and Himalayan views are always spectacular.


  1. Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek can be considered as an opportunity to get insight into hidden Tsum Valley and experiencing the best of homestay trekking at Manaslu region of Nepal. Explore the authentic lifestyle around Manaslu region along best views of grand Himalayan ranges like Manaslu range and Ganesh Himal ranges. Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek is more cultural off the beaten path trekking in Nepal.

  1. Lower Dolpo Trek

Lower Dolpo Trek is among one of the authentic adventure with overwhelming off the beaten path trekking experience. With cultural and topographical highlights resembling quite similar to across the border of Tibetans; this exhibits the authentic local lifestyle of their own ethnic groups. The yak caravans, crystal clear blue lakes and magnificent landscape views are other attraction that enchants you while embarking for Lower Dolpo adventure.


  1. Humla and Limi Circuit Trek

Off the beaten route of Humla and Limi Circuit Trek takes us to the remote areas of far western Nepal located between Mt. Saipal and border across Tibet. Walk along the small and large settlements, valleys, ridges, river banks, forests and high passes of Nyalu la at an altitude of 4950 meters above sea level. Tibetan Buddhist religious cultural, insights, visit to several monasteries are another rewarding factor during our Humla and Limi Circuit Trek.

  1. Hinki Hongu Valley Trek

Hinki Hongu Valley Trek is off the beaten hike in Everest region which includes crossing the challenging Tashi Lapcha pass. Passing through forests, river banks, glacier and high passes, Hinku Hongu valley trek is an ultimate adventure around Solukhumbu district and less visited Rolwaling valley. It is a tented camping trek that requires high level of physical fitness and immense passion to get lost in the wild.


  1. Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Valley trek offers rural trekking in two spectacular Nar and Phu villages around Annapurna circuit of western Nepal. Along the spectacular panoramic views of Himalayas, visit to pilgrimage site of Muktinath temple via thorungla pass, trekking through beautiful valleys, forests, monasteries Nar Phu valley trek is really the perfect off the beaten path adventure in Nepal to look out for.


  1. Upper Mustang Trek

Deeper in Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang trek is all about ultimate adventure that resembles its true local unique cultural insights of Mustangis. Trekking into remote areas of Upper Mustang always surprises us with its ancient rituals like Polyandry system and their cremation procedures. Along the spectacular views of trans Himalayan landscapes and panoramic views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and other peaks, Upper Mustang trek can be joined any time of the year due to its special location in rain shadow area. Don’t miss the best off the beaten path trekking at Upper Mustang region of Nepal.

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