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4 Reasons to Chill at Everest Base Camp in 2016

Posted On : May 24, 2016

trekking to everest

We go around the foothills of world’s grandest snow capped mountains during adventurous walk to Everest base camp; one of the chilly place to be. There are many other popular trekking trips such as Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu where you should absolutely go. But, you must have Everest base camp trek at your top of the bucketlist. Embarking in for Everest base camp adventure blesses you with unforgettable coolest memories that you will cherish forever.

In general, Everest base camp is a challenging trek that starts as you board scenic mountain flight from Ktm to Lukla. Trekking for more than two weeks through Himalayan terrains offers plenty of adventure with deep cultural insights. An Everest base camp trekking adventure is just what doctor ordered, if you love walking adventures, challenge yourself to succeed by stepping at base of Mt. Everest capturing excellent Himalayan panoramas from Kalapathher. It is a rewarding trip that every travel lover look forward to join in. And here are top 4 reasons why you should chill at Everest base camp this year:

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek is challenging, exciting and rewarding adventure

Get involved yourself in an active adventure that challenges your physical stamina, excites you with plenty of amazing trekking experiences while getting blessed with rewarding feeling of internal satisfaction.

Take a break from your daily routine life and make a time for chilling adventure. We’ll bet you will never regret your decision. Its time to chill.

  1. Chance to get great insights into Sherpa cultural values

Everest is home to Sherpa community. And during EBC trek, you will be warmly welcomed by them with open hearts. Staying at locally owned tea houses, having the Himalayan style food and meals and chatting with them gives us plenty of insights into their lifestyle and way of living.

  1. Capture Himalayan panoramas of highest snow capped mountains

Don’t miss any magical glimpse of Everest and other neighboring Himalayas. As you start trekking from Lukla, you will get few glimpses of Himalayas. However, best shot is from Kalapathher view point and from the top of Gokyo ri (if you are doing Gokyo lake trek along with EBC).

  1. Everest base camp trek offers multiple peak climbing opportunity

If you want to take your adventure into next level, then start planning for Everest base camp trek with Island Peak Climbing. Island Peak or Imja Tse is most popular climbing peak at Everest region which is also taken as the warm up peak by mountaineers before summiting Everest. In this way, climbing Island peak will involve you into another type of adventure; an experience that will always be cherished as wonderful memories.

Therefore, plan for your Everest base camp trek in 2016, and embark in for the coolest holiday ever.

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