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Asadh 15: ‘Paddy Day’ Festival in Nepal

Posted On : June 30, 2015

ashar15 paddy festival in Nepal

Festival in Nepal are always colorful and joyous to watch and even better when you participate in it. Every Asadh 15 according to Nepali calendar is celebrated as ‘Paddy Day’ or ‘Dhan Diwas’ mainly by Nepalese farmers to mark the day they plant new seedlings of rice crop of the year in their paddies. Rice is considered as the major food for Nepalese and other south Asian community. This day is the very special for farmers as they believe this day is the day for growing quintals by planting kilos. It is like a festival for them.

In the same way this day also marks as very special for others too. Most of the Nepalese including farmers eat ‘Dahi Chiura’ (Curd and flattened rice). It is believed that this special diet brings power, energy and good luck. They enjoy the day planting rice seeds, playing with mud, damp soil and celebrating the day with full of joy. Special programs are being organized at various areas where even tourists are seen getting involved in sharing a happiness. In this way, 15th of Asar is celebrated in Nepal with great passion and enthusiasm.

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