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Beauty of Gokyo Lakes

Posted On : January 28, 2018

trek to gokyo everest

Nepal is a glamorous country known for its incredible natural landscapes, awe-inspiring mountain views, spiritual temples and shrines, tasty authentic local cuisines, exquisite customs and cultures, lively touristic cities and spectacular wildlife. Hence, thousands of first-time visitors come to Nepal each year with an energizing hope of making their holidays in Nepal a very rare, memorable one that is filled with reminiscing travel memories. However, there are some places that manage to stand out from the rest with their mind-blowing beauty and exhilaration. And today, I will be talking to you about one of such places called ‘Gokyo Lakes’. So, let’s begin shall we!

First and foremost, you must understand that there are several iconic, popular touristic destinations located all over Nepal. You can go to Everest Base Camp which is situated at a high altitude of 5,380 meters or you can choose to go on an exciting Himalayan Heli Tour in Nepal. No matter what you decide to do, you will have fun throughout your holidays in Nepal. Having said that, Gokyo Lakes which is located inside the famed Everest region of eastern Nepal is truly a one of a kind travel and trek destination for both foreign and local travelers. Gokyo Lakes is positioned at a high elevation beyond 4,790 meters above sea level and takes you at least two days to reach from Namche Bazaar- a beautiful Sherpa town festooned with vibrant markets and lodges.

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If you really have the aspiration to visit a naturally breathtaking, untouched/pollution free location, then the pristine, sparkling green and blue waters of Gokyo Lakes should be itemized on your travel bucket list. After all, Gokyo Lakes is claimed to be a place well suited for any travel enthusiast who prefers walking on tranquil trekking trails that make way to secluded locations where tantalizing Himalayan mountain scenery is abundant. While Nepal has other places that provide jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas, Gokyo Ri which is located just beside the shimmering Gokyo Lakes lets you catch the close-up, panoramic glimpses of four colossal 8,000-metre peaks. You get to see Mt. Everest (8,848m), Mt. Lhotse (8,516m), Mt. Makalu (8,485m), and Mt. Cho Oyu (8,188m). But that’s not the only thing that can be seen from the top of Gokyo Ri.

Furthermore, travelers will have the opportunity to witness the amalgamation of Ngozumpa Glacier, Gokyo village, Gokyo Tsho, Cholatse and Taboche towering above. Also, for your information, Ngozumpa Glacier is the longest Himalayan glacier which sits comfortably below the world’s sixth highest mountain- Mt. Cho Oyu(8,188m). So, when you are traveling to Gokyo Lakes, you are bound to be surprised by the sheer presence of such magnificent natural attractions. Last but not the least, if you ever wish to visit Gokyo Lakes, then you can do it during Autumn and Spring seasons. Mainly because of the fact that, the weather remains particularly stable with high visibility. So, in those seasons, you won’t be having any kind of uneasiness and trepidation while trekking to Gokyo Lakes.

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