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Camping Treks in Nepal

Posted On : March 19, 2015

camping trek in Nepal

Camping treks in Nepal refers to fully organized off the beaten path adventure around remote and less explored trails. These rugged path trekking in Nepal are not just the trip, it resembles true meaning of adventure, a learning opportunity and most importantly an unforgettable experience around rural villages of Nepal. The walk through lush green forests, blossoming rhododendrons during spring, striking waterfalls, scenic landscapes, melodic chirping sounds of birds and sensation of freshness on every breath you take; the whole trekking experience simply can’t be explained in words.

While joining camping treks in Nepal, you will be overwhelmed by not only natural but also the cultural aspects that amaze you every day. It means there is the chance to witness the real authentic Nepal, and get the inside story. How the people in rural areas live, how they cook food, there cultures, festivals, rituals and traditions as a whole. They are untouched from modernization and sophisticated lifestyle; they live in simple manner happily with smile on their face. Most of the Nepal camping treks has less or no tea house, lodges for overnight stay and the only remaining option would be setting up a tented camp and having fun with ultimate adventurous experience.

During these camping adventures, all the arrangements from meals, tents, porters, cooks and guide will be arranged by your trekking company. Everyone is an experienced professional in their related field and offer the best of their services. The food will not be like of tea houses, every day it would be different delicious dishes on a plate. Trekking leader organizes and leads the whole crew and everyone will have fun during the trip as there will be camp fire during night along singing & dancing programs too.  Being familiar with all the crew members, it will be like a small family trip. Unlike other popular trekking trips there wouldn’t be crowd all over. There will be only our team, local cultural and natural exploration at its best. Hence if you want to experience the best of camp hikes in Nepal then remember Icicles Adventure Treks as your trekking partner and start planning your trip today.

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