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Everest base camp trek: Slow and steady wins the race!

Posted On : July 31, 2016


EBC trek

For Everest Base Camp Trek, the mantra may be modified as ‘Slow and steady completes the trek!’ When it comes to trekking at higher altitudes like the Everest region this is rather life saving tip for trekkers like you. Wondering why? Read on then.

First and foremost, do remember that Everest Base Camp Trek is not a competition to reach higher early than someone; it is rather a celebrated walk in the vicinity of Himalayas where you enjoy every bit of the walk. The most vital reason for slow and steady trek is because a fast climb at higher altitude invites the AMS or Altitude Mountain Sickness which can turn fatal if you are not careful. The most effective way for you to avoid AMS is proper acclimatization which means trek slowly. For proper acclimatization experts say that you should increase your altitude by not more than 1,000 feet (305m) per day and for every 3,000 feet (915m) of elevation gained, you must take a rest day.  “Climb High and Sleep Low” is another maxim used during trekking and climbing. Everest Base Camp Trek is not an exception in this regard.

You have heard the story of Tortoise and Hare, right? This can also be applied during your Everest Base Camp Trek. You have nothing to lose if you go slowly. Follow the standard itinerary and trek at a gradual pace. Remember the standard itinerary is made considering various factors; your safety, security, health and opportunity to get the best out of the trek are taken into account. So, when you are for Everest Base Camp Trek, go slow, be the wise tortoise and complete the trek.

Lastly, enjoy the trek guys! You are on a vacation trying to be close to nature and get the best out of the adventure. So why rush here? In this majestic walk of Everest Base Camp Trek enjoy the scenery whose beauty is described in superlatives, enjoy the hospitality of legendary Sherpa community well known for warm welcoming nature and get immersed in the grandeur of Himalayas, diverse flora and fauna, and surrounding wilderness. This shall create most beautiful memories for you.

So next time when you go for Everest Base Camp Trek, focus on completing and enjoying the trek rather than competing on the trek. This adventure is a celebration, enjoy it to the fullest.

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