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IAT Wishes Happy Tihar (Suva Dipawali): The Festival of Lights, Flowers, Sweets and Happiness

Posted On : October 28, 2016

tihar festival in nepal

The grand festival of Tihar reflects the light of brightness, flowers, sweets and happiness among all people. It is another major festival of Hindus in Nepal after Dashain. Also commonly known as Tihar and Dipawali, this major festival is celebrated for five days with full passion and happiness all over Nepal.

Tihar starts with Kaag Tihar on the first day that follows with Kukur Tihar, Laxmi Puja, Gobardan Puja (Mha Puja) and signs off with Bhai Tika. Each of these days have their own significance, the Kaag means crow is offered with meals, similarly, dogs are worshipped on kukur tihar and goddess laxmi on Laxmi Puja. Likewise auspicious occasion of bhai tika signifies the importance of brother-sister relationship.

With this festive season knocking at the door, local people clean their homes; decorate their home – office with lights, flowers. Goddess Laxmi is welcomed during Laxmi Puja and celebrated whole heartedly. Even though there are frequent power cuts, the city still glows with candles, diyos and mainly the glow is seen in everyone’s face.

Tihar usually lies during the autumn months of October, which is also high tourist season in Nepal. During this time many travelers visit Nepal and they witness the cultural diversity, natural attractions and also celebrate this festival of Tihar along with local inhabitants. Owing to Nepal’s cultural diversity, the festival gets a distinct regional touch in different regions of the nation.

Therefore, we can say that Tihar is celebrated not just as any other festival, but as the reason to light up our life with happiness and prosperity. Visit Nepal during this major festive season of Dashain and Tihar and make your holiday a worthwhile experience. Happy Tihar 2073 to all from Icicles Adventure Team (IAT).