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How Can You Help Earthquake hit Nepal? | Travelling and Trekking to remote regions of Nepal is The Best Way

Posted On : May 5, 2015

After rebuild earthquake in Nepal

Devastating earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale hard hit central Nepal and surrounding areas that claimed lives of over 7000 and left 14000 injured. There are numbers of missing and millions have lost their shelters. The loss of lives cannot be reinstated but we are hopeful the physical infrastructures that are demolished will be reinstated soon as Nepal is getting a lot of support globally. A lot of people are eager to visit the devastated cities and villages and help the affected victims. Every bighearted is asking “what can I do?” Yes, Nepal needs your help and support along with prayers for long time from now to make the devastated villages to revive, its historic monuments to stand erect at its original place, and to bring back beautiful smile to the most harmonious people of the world. But you may arise a question- how can I help Nepal to bring back her original vim and vigor?

Quick answer is funding. But, there are plenty of other ways too. But the other ways start from travelling to Nepal. Whether you may be a doctor, a constructer, a vegetarian, a psychiatrist, nurse, a counselor Nepal need all of you at this hard time. Physically and mentally devastated people of Nepal due to the earthquake will be benefited by your skills. Most of the support aids limit themselves to the urban and suburban areas but the remote Himalayan areas are unnoticed by most of the aid parties. We suggest you to trek to the remote areas such as Barpak, Laprak, Simjung, of Gorkha district and remote Villages of Sindhupalchok and Dhading district and help there instead of centering in the urban and suburban areas.  Trek to remote earthquake hit areas of Nepal and offer your helping hands to the people of remote regions who are really in need of your support.

In long-term besides funding, traveling in Nepal is the best way to support in rebuild process of Nepal. While trekking around Nepal Himalayas, local inhabitants will be directly benefitted. Local guides and porters will be used, your every expense for what you use will be their income and nothing is better for earthquake victims if you can help them by giving a job.

Next method is to sponsor a child for education. The cruel earthquake might have left hundreds of children to be without parents and guardians. Trek through Nepal to the remote earthquake affected villages, look for needy child and pledge to give them love and safe future. If you effort to sponsor only one child, that would be a big support, if you can help more that would be great.

Next, you can help Nepal by volunteering to rebuild Nepal. The earthquake hit areas of Nepal has gotten 90% of the education institutions destroyed. The children will be not obliged to study under open sky. Visit Nepal, trek the remote villages of Nepal and volunteer to rebuild schools.

There are many ways you can help and support Nepal in the rebuilding process. Don’t hesitate to travel to Nepal. Nepal needs your long term help. Best is to help the remote regions of Nepal, trek up to there. The urban and suburban areas are benefited by several support groups and if not they can raise their voice to the government for support. The people of remote regions were already in harsh poverty, they are very simple and honest people, always far from advantage. Trek those remote areas and let them take advantage of your generous heart this time.


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