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Know How to Walk During Nepal Trekking holidays

Posted On : September 14, 2015

trekking in nepal

Among many others fitness practices and its routine, trekking around foothills of Himalayas is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experience that makes us both physically and mentally fit and fine. For most of the people who have no prior outdoor exploring experience, trekking seems difficult task, walking and climbing in extreme conditions for them. Some even think that trekking means climbing Himalayas or mountain expedition. But the real experience of trekking can only be achieved while embarking on a journey that teaches you its real meaning.

In simple words, trekking refers to fun filled holiday with loads of fun activities. And it is not laborious. Beginning with a slow start is the key. Go for a short hike around countryside during weekend and know how fresh and re energized you will feel. So, what is that real thing or why does trekking make us fresh, happy and positive? Does trekking adventures are supposed to be only for those with six pack abs? Get answers to these questions by yourself by embarking on a trekking holiday. Let’s discuss something about it here. However, real ‘trekking’ thing should be experienced on real life not on virtual world.

If it’s short and easy walks at normal conditions, then it’s a hike. On the other hand if it’s more challenging walk at varied topographies and altitudes then it’s usually called a trek. Even though, trekking activities seems dangerous and tough, but it is absolutely safe and enjoyable if joined with experienced trekking companies and local guides, porters. During trekking days, we will encounter various exciting things as the day progresses, from spectacular panoramic views of snow capped mountains to picturesque landscapes, from local cultural and traditional exploration to spot endangered species of floras and faunas. These things can’t be experienced while we are touring on a vehicle. Every little thing that we experience becomes the highlights and turns into wonderful memories of the trip.

As it’s already said that trekking is not that laborious, if you can walk well, then you can do trekking too. It doesn’t mean that you should head out to unknown places on your own. But with proper planning, quite normal fitness level and passion towards exploring the place, with positive attitude you can definitely walk around the trekking trails. And if you have no prior trekking experience then it is recommended that you join short and low altitude level treks like Ghorepani Poon Hill and Everest View Treks. And remember there are plenty of short hiking and trekking options, trails around scenic lake city of Pokhara at popular Annapurna region.

And for more challenges, even more things are to be taken care of. Like altitude sickness, your pace of walking, your physical and mental fitness etc. Therefore always inquire with your trekking company what to do, what not to do, what to eat, what not to eat, like that. And another most important thing to take care of while trekking is about being responsible towards host region. You must have respect to the environment, local cultures, traditions, rituals and always try to make some positive impacts on environment and local communities so that your journey will end in a positive note.

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