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Knowing about altitude sickness during Everest Base Camp Trek

Posted On : February 6, 2015

While joining Everest Base Camp Trek, knowing about altitude sickness, how it happens, how it affects you and how it can be prevented are essential. Having knowledge about altitude sickness lets you prevent it and you can enjoy the Everest base camp trek to the fullest from spectacular Himalayan scenery, cultural insights to grasp the feeling of being at base camp of world’s highest mountain. Altitude sickness or acute mountain sickness generally takes place when the air becomes thinner in higher altitudes and eventually while ascending further, your body can’t adapt according to low level oxygen surroundings resulting from normal symptoms to severe ones.

During Everest base camp trek, there are no any specific factors like age, gender and fitness level that makes you affect more by acute mountain sickness. Sometimes it’s the thought of being affected causes more problems rather than real altitude sickness. Many of the trekkers and explorers can trek up to 3000 meters of altitude without any symptoms. Have you ever been affected by altitude sickness before? If yes then there is a high chance of reoccurring. However, while joining Everest base camp trek with an experienced guide, you are considered safe as they will know exactly how it is like trekking around high altitudes as it’s their profession and they are professionals in dealing with altitude sickness symptoms and preventive measures.

Everest base camp trek is a dream of many adventure lovers who loves to involve in trekking adventure. During the journey, many of them fails to step at Everest base camp due to lack of knowledge about altitude sickness. It is not at all dangerous and uncomfortable if you know about it and highly preventable. Therefore trek with experienced guides to feel safe and sound during your Everest base camp trek free from acute mountain sickness or altitude sickness. Enjoy your Everest base camp trek to fullest.

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