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Lo Manthang : Join Upper Mustang Trek to Know More

Posted On : August 27, 2015

upper mustang trek nepal

Lo Manthang is an ancient city nearby Nepal China border at Upper Mustang region of Nepal which was formerly a part of Tibet. Still we can see the Tibetan cultures and traditions followed by local Mustangis which can be a great exploring opportunities for outsiders. Closed for outsiders before 1991, in present context, apart from Everest and Annapurna trekking regions, now Upper Mustang Trek also has been successfully able to make itself in bucketlist of most travelers.

It is every visitor delight to be at Lo Manthang during Upper Mustang as they will get amazing opportunity to visit ancient caves, picturesque landscapes, hundreds of years old archaeological sites along with insights into local lifestyle.In the similar way, festivals are a major part of their culture. Many tourist visit the place only to take part in a those local festivals that they had only heard of.

Once, the only way to reach Lo Manthang was by foot or mule. But nowadays the roads are connecting the place with outside world. It has definitely eased the local population for transportation, medical aid has been easier and also the price of goods has been decreased. However, the charm of Upper Mustang Adventure is not affected as there are so much more to learn, see, visit and experience that it just can’t be explained in words. If you want to learn more, then join Upper Mustang as your next vacation trip.

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