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Maha Shivaratri: Holy Night of Shiva

Posted On : February 12, 2018

Before the arrival of spring season, Hindu believers from all over the world come together to celebrate and rejoice in the sacred festivity of Lord Shiva which is called ‘Maha Shivaratri’. Maha Shivaratri usually falls on the eleventh month of Hindu calendar and this year it falls on 13th February, 2018. Referred to as the “destroyer of evil”, Lord Shiva is one of the most worshipped divine being by Hindu people. And to devote their full attention and prayers to the holy one, Maha Shivaratri is celebrated in countries like Nepal and India.

Historically speaking, Maha Shivaratri is regarded by many as the day when Lord Shiva with a righteous intention to save our world, decided to drank the poisonous negativity that would have destroyed the human kind if it had not been stopped. However, there are some tales that dignify this day as the day when Lord Shiva and Parvati got married. Nevertheless, the ardent devotees of Lord Shiva spend the entire day and night renouncing their faith to Lord Shiva as they primarily believe that Maha Shivaratri marks the day when darkness of evil was defeated by the goodness that radiates in the world.

On this very day, foreign travelers can spend a day or two exploring the quintessentially sacred site of Pashupatinath Temple. Large group of Hindus make their way to Pashupatinath Temple which is also listed as one of the prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site within Kathmandu valley. Located beside the revered Bagmati river, Pashupatinath Temple is the main attraction of Maha Shivaratri if you wish to join in on the celebration with the local people and pilgrims. Virtues of self-restraint and ethics of honesty are a must for a devote of Lord Shiva who wish to celebrate Maha Shivaratri.

Discovery of Lord Shiva will be a primary intention of pilgrims visiting the sanctuary of Pashupatinath Temple. Hindu people from all over the country make their plans to pay a visit to Pashupatinath Temple. So, you can expect to witness thousands of pilgrims and devotees offering water and milk to the lord. Furthermore, Lord Shiva is well-esteemed by many unmarried girls as an ideal husband so you will also find women praying to Lord Shiva for a good husband just like him.

Within the Hindu calendar, every day signifies some particular important event and stories relating to those events can differ from one place to another. Having said that, Maha Shivaratri manages to stand out from the rest, as it is a day put in place to worship Lord Shiva for protecting all humans from annihilation.

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