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Off the beaten path treks in Nepal

Posted On : October 31, 2017

Once in a while, you just get the inner desire and will to do something different and out of the ordinary. After all, life is a reality that needs to be experienced, felt and lived to the fullest. The world is full amazing places which are unique and stunning in their own way. Therefore, traveling comes to your mind very time you want to visit and explore these amazing travel destinations. Your life as a whole will not have meaning unless and until you learn to leave yourself behind for a greater path and for a greater change in your life.

Among those places, Nepal is undoubtedly a place full of opportunities. It is located geographically between China and India while having the world-wide famous ‘Himalayas’ up in the northern belt and the fertile lowlands down in the southern belt. Not just geographically but also by culturally, Nepal has a unique charm that simply draws you ever closer towards. Nepal has everything that can make you plan your vacation here. Travelers have many options to choose from. They can go trekking up in the Himalayas and meet up with Sherpa people or travel down to Terai for some exotic jungle safaris inside Chitwan National Park.

However, you might want to leave the cacophony of unwanted travelers beside you during your travel in Nepal. But it can be hard for you if you don’t know which trekking destinations are more or less likely to have you over passed by some other group of foreign travelers following the same trek route. Hence, you will want to go on off the beaten path trek that simply lets you travel alone without the worries of any group of foreign travelers jabbering by your side. Because, if you are searching for peace and tranquility while trekking in Nepal, then you surely don’t want to have unneeded company while walking through your planned trail.

Treks like Upper Mustang Trek, Lower & Upper Dolpa Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Khopra Danda Trek and Gokyo Lakes Trek are some of the major off the beaten path treks which are sure to be a worthwhile venture for travelers. Furthermore, these treks offer a great insight into the livelihood of the local indigenous communities living there by helping you observe and learn about their past history, culture, ritual and ancestry.

In addition to that, foreign travelers will get to walk on a more serene and calm trekking route that has not been much influenced by human encroachment or any other modern advancements. This in turn will grant you a journey that doesn’t rely much on modern day necessities and help you get closer with nature. Besides that, you have to consider the sceneries and views which you will get to see during your journey. Pristine lakes, lush green forests, massive valley floors, heartwarming people and the overwhelming mountains are some of the highlights of joining an off the beaten path trek in Nepal.

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