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Pilgrimage tour in Nepal on Maha Shivaratri : Biggest festival of Lord Shiva

Posted On : February 13, 2015
Hindu pilgrimage tour in Nepal
Hindu pilgrimage tour in Nepal

Pilgrimage tour in Nepal offers an insight to diversified local culture, religion and festivals on various occasions. Maha Shivaratri is one of most important, in fact the biggest festival of Lord Shiva. It is celebrated on 14th day of full moon day on falgun and this year the date is 17 Feb 2015. There are numerous mythological beliefs refgarding this particular Maha Shivaratri night however the whole night is dedicated to Lord Shiva by millions of Hindu pilgrims and devotees. Shiva temples and shrines are poured by pilgrims from all over; the main center of attraction being the Pashupatinath temple Gaushala, Kathmandu. Capture the biggest day for Hindus by joining pilgrimage tour in Nepal on Maha Shivaratri.

During Maha Shivaratri it’s a public holiday in Nepal. Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu is decorated and prepared for this special day. You would see the human sea around Pashupati area. Hundreds of volunteers and policemen along Red Cross staff are appointed in duty to avoid any accidents and manage crowd for public safety. Devotees, Sadhus from all over the world visits Pashupatinath temple. The queue to temple is several kilometers long and it may take more than 12 hours to get into main temple and have a glimpse of holy Shiva linga. People stay fasting for a day whereas lots of Sadhus take marijuana as Prasad from Lord Shiva. In this particular day it is considered legal to have intoxicating marijuana and hashish as it is consumed openly by Sadhus whereas young boys huddle around them. Even the head of country like President and Prime Minister visits Pashupatinath temple. Local media covers the live footage around holy place and broadcast it on television, radio. During the evening of Shivaratri, people sets a camp fire in their home, garden, around the corners of streets; sing, dance and celebrate the night in name of Lord Shiva. At the end, we can say that whole day and night is devoted in worshipping Lord Shiva.

It is highly recommended to take a guide with you as it is very easy to get lost in a crowd. Therefore embarking for pilgrimage tour in Nepal during Maha Shivaratri lets you experience the best of festive activities around Pashupatinath area, the world heritage site.

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