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Nepal Pilgrimage Tours and Treks

Posted On : May 1, 2016

birth-pace-of-gautam-buddha-lumbiniHave you experienced Nepal pilgrimage Tours and Treks? Nepal is the peaceful country where Gautam Buddha was born and the land of Pashupatinath, the greatest Hindu shrine located at Kathmandu.  Whereas trekking all the way to Muktinath temple is once in a lifetime of opportunity. It is always a blissful experience while visiting these spiritual destinations.

Pashupatinath temple is a UNESCO world heritage site and a major shrine of Lord Shiva that holds a great religious and historical significance for all the Hindu pilgrims all over the world. These devotees around visit this place from all over during the special day of Mahasivaratri where we can see the blend of religious passion with enjoyable holy atmosphere, where people even stay in queue for more than 12 hours to get glimpse of holy shiva linga inside Pasupatinath temple. Even at other days, it is a picturesque site with plenty of photography opportunities around the area, at funeral site, jungle, temples, monkeys, sadhus and many more. It is one of the must visit pilgrimage site if you are visiting for tours or treks.

Similarly, Lumbini is another popular pilgrimage and UNESCO world heritage site where Lord Buddha was born and Buddhism was originated. With good transportation links from Kathmandu via road and air, there are many temples, stupas and monasteries that gives deep insights into Budhhism and a must visit site for all those travel lovers who want to learn more about Buddhist lifestyle. Yes, also put Lumbini in your itinerary while visiting Nepal.

Likewise, Muktinath temple is a most popular and holy pilgrimage site in Nepal located at 3710 meters above sea level at the base of thorong la pass. We can get there by joining Annapurna Circuit Trek or simply Jomsom Muktinath Trek that lets us experience the best trekking adventures in the world. It would be a journey full of cultural insights, excellent Himalayan views, flora and fauna exploration with adventurous trekking around foothills of Himalayas.  The central temple of Muktinath is of Hindu God Vishnu. This holy site holds great religious significance for both Hindus and Buddhists as it is believed founder of Tibetan Buddhism Rinpoche Padmasambhava meditated at Muktinath temple while heading towards Tibet.  And we can see flattering prayer flags, and even visit monastery not very far away.

So, are you planning to visit Nepal on your next holiday? If yes, then don’t miss any of these pilgrimage sites while embark in your tours and treks in Nepal.

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