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How to Plan Your Family Holiday in Nepal

Posted On : October 3, 2016

Family holiday in Nepal should be a great experience of enjoyment, and happy days with your dearest ones and surely the holiday to remember forever. However, more often, these fun filled family holidays might turn out in an exact opposite way, according to Mr. Hari Kumar Shrestha, a travel and trekking expert and director of operations at Icicles Adventure Treks and Tours, a travel and trekking company in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Here are some of his tips that help you in planning your family holiday in Nepal and making it just like you imagined.

Get an advice, tips and suggestions from every member of your family. Involve them in making travel decision. Asking toddler might not help, but Mr. Shrestha said that if your children are going to school, then even 5 or 6 years old can surely help you in making decision. “The family time will be with your all family members and the new place, activities will appeal both you and them,” he said. “And when the destination is confirmed, your next task is to plan the activities and things to do there during holidays.”

Get the pre-travel mood and carry on the flow

If Everest View Trek is planned, for example, watch Everest movie, documentaries or read Sherpa’s story, novel, which adds an essence and is important to the local culture. Travel movies and internet videos also helps you get the pre travel excitement mood and you just need to carry that flow along with you.

Plan what to do and what not to

Ok, now you are excited about your upcoming holidays. But in an over excitement in trying everything, planning everything and packing everything with your family, don’t overdo. Mr. Shrestha adds, “If you overdo your packing and planning, nothing might go along with plan and your family members, especially kids, will get crazy over you.” Therefore plan you day and make a balance in sightseeing, relaxing, hiking and involving in other activities.

Mr. Shrestha said that taking rest, writing a travel diary, watching TV or simply chilling out is recommended after having your lunch and plan for sightseeing and other things on morning or later during the day.

Don’t follow others, do something new

While planning the family holidays in Nepal, Mr. Shrestha said that he loves to add something new and creative from the trip’s main theme. If it’s a trekking into foothills of Himalayas, he would include an excursion to nearby village and visit to local farm, meet the local people and sample their produce. “It’s usually the more memorable and fun, doing something new rather than just following other’s steps,” he said.

Join Exciting Trips and Tailor Made Itineraries

“Following the standard itinerary,” he said, is “boring so I advice families to consult their plans with me and create a perfect itinerary with excursions and ample acclimatization points”. It means visiting a local family’s home in Ghandruk or watching elephant breeding and bathing at Chitwan National Park.