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A Quick Guide to “Panch Pokhari”

Posted On : July 30, 2017

Panch Pokhari

“Panch Pokhari; a place where cultural and ecological aspects of Nepalese beliefs can be potently explored and discovered.”

There are certain places in earth which are beyond our imagination. To put it in simple words: if you haven’t traveled to or visited it then you will never know what it is to be there. One such place is the scintillating high altitude wetland of Panch Pokhari of Nepal. The joyous feeling that comes after visiting the naturally gifted Panch Pokhari can not be described in plain words. You are bound to be left in awe of the sheer magnitude which are showcased vividly by the 5 sacred Hindu Lakes.

Located northeast of Kathmandu valley at an altitude of 4,100 meter above sea level, the Panch Pokhari is truly a magical place which sits peacefully in the base of Mt. Jugal. Mainly consisting of 5 indifferent lakes, the entire site of Panch Pokhari is considered a very religious and cultural place for Hindu pilgrims who visit this place each year in huge numbers during the month of Shrawan. This is largely due to the fact that, an auspiciously celebrated festival called “Janai Purnima” or “Raksha Bandhan” is held here. The pure magnificence of reveling this particular festivity lures diverse range of people and tourists to its captivating site.

But this year, due to high amount of rainfall and undeveloped transportation infrastructures. Travelers who were on their way to Panch Pokhari faced a daring task of walking for 5-6 hours to reach the main bazaar areas. The rain caused a massive landslide in one of the sections of Melamchi Bhotang road line. So, travelers had to get off their vehicles and start hiking up their way in order to reach their desired destination. This in some way truly has been a major concern for the local people but not so much for the local government as there has been no progress or so regarding the construction of a bridge. However, even with the troublesome burden of enduring a rough walk, pilgrim & tourists have not stopped to go and visit this iconic religious site this year.

Similarly, like Panch Pokhari, there is another famous lake within Langtang region called “Gosaikunda”. It also attracts numerous pilgrims and travelers on the occasion of Janai Purnima festival. Situated in the Rasuwa district of Nepal, Gosaikunda this time of the year becomes one of the most sought-after places in Nepal. People march up to this holy lake in vast numbers to take a holy dip in the sacred waters of this alpine lake. It has been suggested that at least 2,000 individuals visited Gosaikunda Lake for Janai Purnima this year alone. High mythological and religious significance surround the Gosaikunda Lake which has even made it a popular trekking destination for foreign trekkers.

With so much to offer, Panch Pokhari is seemingly a place worth traveling to while your stay in Nepal. There’s going to be a lot of things which are sure to fascinate your heart and mind. So just make sure to put Panch Pokhari and Gosaikunda on your list of travel destinations as they truly signify the real virtue of Nepalese culture and tradition. At last all I can say is that, once you visit these sites, then and then only can you be able to grasp the true notion of traveling in Nepal as you will be able to get close and personal with Nepal’s epic terrains and beliefs.

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