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Risks of trekking in Nepal without a guide

Posted On : August 13, 2014

Trekking  is one of the exciting activity in Nepal that defines the real meaning of adventure. The varied topography, geography, beautiful views and trekking routes makes it premier trekking destination in the world. And you must have been traveling, hiking or trekking independently. It sounds great and surely lightens your pocket but certain percent of risks always comes along with it. The decision of traveling with guide or not also varies with the destination and the level of difficulty involved.

While hiking around Nepal himalayas especially at high altitudes around Everest base camp, Annapurna circuit, Langtang region, it is highly recommended to go through governmentally recognized professional trekking company rather than going solo or with friends. The professional guides will not only explain about the history, mystery and cultural ethnicity of local places, they will also have better knowledge about your fitness levels, acclimatizing tips, nearby health centers and good local connections for booking better accommodation, restaurants etc in the Himalayan areas. Especially during main trekking seasons getting cheap and reliable hotels is a big hassle and without trekking guides it gets even tougher. Actually you will be getting more than what you paid for. I mean the security and safety on remote Himalayan areas. You must be aware that many trekkers are gone missing in these areas. There are many alternative routes and ways in the mountains, in low seasons the risk of getting lost gets even higher. Also while traveling through the some passes the risks of ice dipping can be avoided by the guides as they have more knowledge regarding such spots. They explain the dos and don’ts and make sure you are 100% safe.

While choosing a reliable trekking company in Nepal you must be aware of few simple things that saves not only your money but your life too. You will definitely inquire mr. google first. There are many trekking companies, guides and individual scammers declaring themselves as the best. Researching in tripadvisor, lonely planet helps you to filter. However, the trekking trails and paths are changing and these websites are correct but not 100 percent precise, only local trekking companies are aware regarding the updates. Also every legal Nepalese trekking company is listed in TAAN website. Trekking company arranges all transportation, meals, permits and entrance fees while trekking. Get help and advice from the previous travelers. That would also definitely help you.

Therefore, if you are planning for adventures around Nepal Himalayas, I recommend you to book your adventure holidays through reliable and professional trekking company. Icicles adventure treks is the trekking company run by the professionals with decades of experience in related field. Why not book your next trip with us and create a wonderful holiday adventure in Himalayas.

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