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Things to Know: Teahouse Treks in Nepal

Posted On : April 2, 2015


Walking adventures in Nepal is the most popular adventures that you must experience at least once in a lifetime. If you have, then you must have known about teahouse treks. Teahouses are referred to basically a type of accommodation for taking rest or overnight stay at various trekking trails with basic services like dining, shower and electricity being offered. In the similar manner these types of trek refers to those treks where the trekker stays at neighborhood teahouses after the end of day’s trekking activity. There will be no any need of carrying tents and daily meals while on teahouse trekking as all of these facilities are being offered. Some of the popular trekking trips in Nepal around Everest and Annapurna region offers wide range of excellent modern services while other off the beaten treks are preferred to embark in organized way as camping trekking. Finally few things that you might want to know about teahouse treks are as follows:

solar at everest

Teahouse shower and power:

Hot and cold showers are accessible at most of the popular treks in Nepal. However, you have to pay little extra for hot showers at high altitudes where extra effort and arrangement has to be made for heating water. Same here with the power, charging your gadgets may cost you extra dollar or two at high altitudes. Mostly solar charging is made available at dining area.

food at everest

Teahouse deals on the meals:

Teahouse offers nice authentic local meals. You surely wish to taste some of the items on menu that you might have never seen before. Nepal being diversified culturally and geographically, however one common food that you will see on almost every menu is ‘Dal Bhat’ and locally believed to be basic energy source of every Nepalese. That’s why there is a popular saying that ‘ Dal Bhat power 24 hour’.

lodges at everest

Teahouse bed offers quality sleep:

The beds available on most of the trekking trails are simple and basic with pillow, cushion sheets that offers good sleep quality. Mostly you would find a room with twin share basis where you will see two bed in a room. It would be a perfect place where you can take rest, get reenergize, finish your novel or simply sleep and get ready for next day’s trip. You might consider bringing ear plugs to avoid noise and have a sound sleep during your teahouse treks in Nepal.

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