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Teej Festival in Nepal

Posted On : September 15, 2015

Teej Festival in Nepal

Teej is an important festival in Nepal celebrated by Nepali women for the long life of her husband. During this festival of Teej, along with married women, unmarried girls also worship Lord Shiva for good husband. Teej festival is celebrated on the 3rd day of Bhadra Sukla Pakshya according to Neplai Calendar and it generally falls on late August or mid September.

Teej is celebrated for four days. First day is called ‘Dar Khane Din’, second is the main fasting day and third one is Ganesh Chaturthi and final day is Rishi Panchami. Teej is also known as fasting festival of Nepal. As delicious meals are being prepared and served at first ‘dar khane din’, fasting is taken by most women and girls during the second day. Red is the color of this festival as it is also a color of bridal dress. Many women wear bridal dress on this day. They visit shrines of Lord Shiva. On the third day, after worshipping goddess parvati and puja is done on banana and tulsi leaf. Then only solid food is taken by women. Lord Ganesh is also worshipped on this day. On fourth day of Teej, women get purified by taking aholy bath with red mud. Dressed on red worship Lord Shiva, eat delicious food, and enjoy with fun and devotion.

In this way, Teej is celebrated with great joy, enjoyment and devotion by Nepali women.

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