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7 Things to Know While Trekking in Nepal During Autumn Season

Posted On : September 11, 2016


Are you looking for trekking this year at Nepal Himalayas? If you are still searching on best time to visit Nepal, then let me tell you that this autumn season from late September to October and November is the time to walk in.

If you are in hurry then this paragraph sums up this blog. Autumn is the time when the monsoon rain stops drizzling, the surrounding starts to be greener than ever, the views of landscape, sunrise, sunset and Himalayas become more clearer than any other time of the year and great chance to observe Himalayan faunas at lower elevations as they will be grazing at lowlands during this time of the year.

Now what are the top 7 things that you need to know if you are planning for trekking in Nepal this autumn season? Let’s see:

  1. Views are clearer; trails are perfect for any explorer:

As the monsoon clouds say good bye, there will be more chances of clear sunny day with sparkling snow white Himalayas at the background.  During these sunny days the trails also get perfect for hiking, no slippery walks, no too much ice at high altitudes and perfect for most of travelers.

  1. Grass is more greener and chance of spotting faunas further:

Mainly during the months of September and early October, you will witness more greenery on the trails. Along with green side of the story, the animals at higher altitudes like musk deer, mountain goat, mountain sheep descends at lower altitudes and you will encounter them from close proximity.

  1. Excellent bird watching opportunity:

The migratory birds fly to forests in Nepal and if you are planning to visit during autumn season, visiting Chitwan National park, Sagarmatha national park in Everest region, Shivapuri National park nearby Kathmandu , Annapurna Conservation area in Annapurna region and Langtang National park in Langtang region. Regardless wherever you visit, you will see different species of birds. Best time also for keen bird watchers.

  1. Less chances of flight delays and cancellation:

The weather at high altitudes can change instantly; but this instant out of prediction happens very less during the month of October, November. Therefore, your domestic flight to Lukla, Pokhara, jomsom, Nepalgunj or other places have less chances of getting delayed/cancellation. So, more fun and less hassle passle.

  1. Not so hot, not so cold

Autumn months are after end of hot summer, monsoon and before cold winter, when the days are warm and night are cooler. The temperature range from 20 to 25 degree centigrade; Perfect temp for walking during day time and not freezing during night.

  1. Expect more travelers than during other season:

Everyone are looking for best time just like you. So, get ready to join during the busy season, make friends with like minded people; have fun and make the most out of your Nepal holidays.

  1. Season is temporary, scenery is permanent:

Either its autumn or spring, dry or green; beauty of this Himalayan country is always evergreen. So, my point over here is that don’t wait for the best time, take your time and make it the best one.

Did I miss any points? Do you know something that you want to share? Feel free to comment below. We love to share travel information and tips to our readers.

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