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Tihar: Festival of Lights in Nepal

Posted On : November 15, 2015

Happy Tihar

Tihar is also commonly known as Diwali or Deepawali, which is the most important festival celebrated with great joy, passion, blessings and devotions in Nepal. Tihar, or the festival of lights lightens up the outer world by different decorative lights and brightens our inner soul through blessings and love shared by loved ones during the festival. Small groups of young lads celebrate Tihar by singing and dancing on deusi bhailo songs. They visit neighbors, sing a song, dance, receive dakshina and give blessings. Crackers are banned in Nepal, however we can hear few during the nights.

Tihar festival is celebrated for total of 5 days. First day is crow puja or ‘Kaag Tihar’, second one is a canine festival Dog Puja or ‘ Kukur Tihar’, third day is Laxmi Puja , fourth is Self Puja or govardhan or mha Puja’ and final one is Brothers day or ‘Bhai Tika’. On the first day of Tihar, crow is worshipped by feeding them early in the morning before we have our breakfast. In the second day, the best friend of man, Dog is worshipped and offered with quality meals that surely keeps its tails moving. Where as goddess of wealth, Laxmi is worshipped on the third day, which is also regarded as the most important date of festival. In the similar way, mostly in Newar communities Mha or self body is worshipped, rangoli is prepared and delicious feast is prepared. Finally on the last day of Tihar Bhai Tika is celebrated. During this day, brother receives tika, fruits, sweets and blessings from their sisters.

Tihar is marked on calendar during major autumn season in the months of October, November. It is the best time to visit Nepal for trekking adventures as weather is perfect with clear views of Himalayas and great chance to get rich insights into festivals, cultures and traditions of Nepal.

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