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Top 4 Reasons to Trek to Annapurna Base Camp

Posted On : June 22, 2016

Planning for couple of week adventures across foothills of Himalayas? Annapurna base camp trek can be done in just 11 to 15 days and during this amazing trip you get an opportunity to witness amazing views of Annapurna and nearby snow capped Himalayas. ABC trek usually starts from scenic lake city of Pokhara , Nayapul and gradually walk through culturally rich villages of local Gurung inhabitants.

Among numerous reasons, the top four reasons to trek at Annapurna Sanctuary route are as follows:

  1. Highly recommended trekking adventure suitable for most travelers:

annapurna base camp trek


While joining Annapurna base camp trek, you have an option to either fly for 15 minutes or take 6 hours of drive from Kathmandu to starting point of trek, Pokhara valley. So, if you prefer to save cost on transportation and enjoy comfy bus ride on through mountains; or you are short in time and want to quickly fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara; in both cases, Annapurna base camp trek perfectly suits the preferences of travelers.

Also, the highest point of this trek is 4130 m above sea level from where you can enjoy the views of Himalayas more than 8000 m. There might be the risk of altitude sickness, but the chances are very less compared to other high altitude treks if proper acclimatization and precautions are followed.

So, the number one reason to go for this adventure is that it will be perfect option for traveler regardless budget, time and fitness level.

  1. Excellent Himalayan Panoramas:



Enjoy great views of Himalayas. Nepal is a popular Himalayan country and one of the best way to view Nepal Himalayas is to trek through Annapurna Base Camp route. The glimpse of Mt. Machhapuchre starts to appear as you arrive at Pokhara. But the views get more magical and become intensifying as you get closer to the Himalayas.

Poon Hill can be included or excluded in ABC itinerary which is the popular view point to spectacle Annapurna Himalayas, Dhaulagiri and other surrounding peaks from distance. But the best in this trip rewards you when you reach at Annapurna Base Camp. Yes, when you trek all the way from 800m from Pokhara to 4130 m at ABC, you will be literally at the base of Annapurna Himalayas and feel like surrounded by huge mountains from all directions.

So, if you love to have unforgettable Himalayan views, then ABC trek should be in your bucket list.

  1. Explore culturally rich Gurung Communities and standard tea houses:

annapurna trek in nepal


Gurungs and Magars are the major inhabitants in Pokhara valley and mostly across Annapurna sanctuary route. Whenever you see the stone paved staircases, you can guess that it’s a Gurung village or community. Feel great with every ‘Namaste’ you receive, the friendly hospitality and reply with ‘Namaste’ which will surely make their and your day. It would surely bring a smile in each others face.

Get deep insights into local living style, dress, food, cultures, festivals and traditions. And as you gain altitude, the rate of meals goes up as they have to transport it all the way from market to elevated lands. You will find the rates of accommodation(room) super cheap compared to meals (because of added transportation cost). But those rates are competitive and fixed by the local authorities. So, there should not be any case of cheating in price. The price you pay you will help the local economy grow.

So, explore the culturally rich Gurung communities and stay at standard tea houses with basic facilities that make your Annapurna Trek a successful one.

  1. Magical rhododendron and bamboo forests:


Finally, another reason to go for ABC trek would be the journey through blooming rhododendron forests. The whole forests blooms magically during the spring season of March, April and May. If you join during these months then, it will be an added major highlight of this trip. The red and white magical flower with snow capped peak at  background would simply picture perfect.

Therefore, these are the top 4 reasons to trek to Annapurna Base Camp. What might be the other reasons? Or if you have been there what were the things that amazed you? We love to hear from you.

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