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Top 5 Things to avoid during Nepal Hiking Holidays

Posted On : March 10, 2015

During Nepal walking adventures, there are lots of things that you can do. From viewing the breathtaking sceneries, hiking around foothills of Himalayas to exploring local cultures and traditions; there are lots of adventurous activities to experience. But there are also things to avoid that you must be aware of before embarking for Nepal treks. Knowing these things will not only keep you away from troubles but it also comes handy at crunch situations. Here are the top five lists of things that you should not do and try to avoid during Nepal treks and tours.

  1. Trekking alone in Nepal:

Never trek alone. It might get you in lots of trouble. First of all you might get lost and end up nowhere else. Secondly, the altitude sickness can be life threatening if not taken seriously and you might be paying extra for everything. Also at certain places, it is illegal to trek without accompanying with local trekking company.

What to do instead: It is highly recommended that you book your trekking trip with government registered trekking agency. They will not only arrange all your accommodation, meals, transport, guides and porters but also take care of each and every travel need in professional manner. You can forget everything else and just focus on enjoying the trip.

  1. Ignoring acclimatization:

Acclimatizing refers to adapting the surrounding environment and air pressure; especially around an altitude above 3000 meters. People living at sea level have high chances being suffered. If you are feeling uncomfortable or its getting hard to breath while travelling with groups then consult with your trekking guide and he will give you the best solution.

What to do instead: Trek at slow pace. Pack required medications with you. Descend to lower elevations and even if it doesn’t help then consult your trekking company for rescue operation.

  1. Walking on edge of trails:

While hiking in Nepal at steep grounds and stone steps, avoid walking on edge of trails. Why? Well, you might just fall or get pushed by the Yak.

What to do instead: These Yak are known as ill tempered animal and if encounter them at risky places, step at safer side and let it pass you by.

  1. Drinking local tap water:

Drinking water from natural source or tap water is not recommended as it may be contaminated and cause illness. Even if you saw locals drinking, avoid it.

What to do instead: Carry a mineral water bottle or UV rays water filter or chlorine tabs or get boiled water from nearby hotel or restaurant.

  1. Taking pictures at prohibited places

Do not take the pictures at prohibited places. It might get you in trouble. At certain places taking photographs inside temple and monasteries are prohibited.

What to do instead: If you are unsure about taking pictures then ask your guide or any locals first.

Acknowledging these simple things during Nepal hiking trips will ensure you will have trouble free adventurous journey around Himalayas worth remembering for long period of time.

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