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Internet Services at Trekking Regions in Nepal

Posted On : April 16, 2015

internet at Everest nepal

Trekking one of the most popular adventurous activities in Nepal to experience; but what about the internet connection? Well internet has been our way of life and one of the necessities after food, clothes and shelter. Since a last decade, internet services in Nepal have boomed significantly; internet (wifi) services being offered at most of the places. However speedy internet services are centered around major city areas and also don’t be surprised if your device detected wifi near Everest Base Camp, its because of recently installation of mobile base station.

Internet services are generally offered at most of the hotels and restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara. And cyber cafes are around every corner of city streets offering comparatively fast internet services at minimal cost of Rs 20 to Rs 100 perhour. Usually speed ranges from 256 kbps to 2 Mbps. And while using internet services in those cyber cafes you must be aware of computer viruses and malwares that generally infect your memory cards or pendrives.

In the similar way, another alternative might be using mobile internet services. The most popular internet services providers in Nepal are NTC and Ncell. Comparatively data charges of NTC are less than of Ncell but at some places Ncell has better signals. Therefore it is recommended that you get both NTC and Ncell sim cards for data usage and cell phone communication at trek routes. You can get it at most of the mobile stores or NTC/ Ncell division at Tribhuwan International Airport. Also Government of Nepal has decided to declare Kathmandu and Pokhara as wifi free areas in near future.

These simple tips would help you get connected with your loved ones back home. But remember; while trekking in Nepal, you might not get WIFI everywhere but you will feel connected like never before.

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