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Plan Your Trekking Adventures with Local Trekking Company in Nepal

Posted On : May 15, 2016

chinese tourists in Nepal

Are you planning for tours and trekking adventures in Nepal for your next holiday? If Nepal is your next destination, then always trek with local trekking company in Nepal that you think is most reliable and trustworthy. There are more than thousands of local and abroad trekking companies organizing various treks and tours in Nepal, but why choosing local company is a wise decision? Here are top 5 reasons:


  1. Budget friendly way to join various Nepal treks without compromising in quality services:

First thing you need to do is compare the price of trip. Do compare the price of foreign and local companies, you will find drastic change. You can book the same trip in almost half a price with local trekking companies. Now how is this possible? Local trekking companies are able to offer in the budget price not because, they compromise on quality, but, the price is low because there are no any mediators and commission involved. So, whenever you are planning to go for Nepal treks, choose with local company.


  1. No one knows local region better than local trekking companies:

Run and organized by local entrepreneurs who started their career from porter, no one knows local regions better than local trekking companies. These local trekking guides, porters are born and raised at the foothills of Himalayas and will be able to guide foreigners in better than best way.


  1. Joining trips with local trekking company plays major role in uplifting the local economy:

Eco-tourism, responsible tourism or sustainable tourism is a new development in tourism industry that has brought positive impact on local communities while keeping negative things away as far as possible. The true happiness is felt when you travel to a host country and you know that you are generating employment opportunities and helping local communities grow. Therefore, join trips with Local trekking companies in Nepal and be happy and make others happy too.


  1. Trekking with local travel company gives you more flexible options in itineraries and other travel services:

You might have to take quick decisions and change of plan might occur while trekking around foothills of Himalayas. In such crunch situations and the local trekking company will turn out to be most helpful. Local trekking company will be able to take quick and correct decision in arranging, managing and modifying your itineraries, accommodation, transportation, activities and other services. Also you can grab the special discounts and offers with guaranteed departures with more reliability while trekking with local trekking company.


  1. Home based trekking companies are familiar with factual information and offer trekking services accordingly:

Trekking with locally owned company will have quick access to factual information about safety, security, government rules and regulation. And you will be beneficial with this information during your trekking adventures.  Taking right decision at right time is the key for making any trip a successful one, and it’s probability is high if you book with local one.

Therefore, have you planned for your trekking holidays in Nepal? While planning and taking decision, always choose the local trekking company like Icicles Adventure that offers you amazing holidays that perfectly suits you.

Author: Sakesh Karanjit

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