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Must Read For Those Looking For Nepal Trekking Without a Guide

Posted On : September 15, 2016


“Trekking in Nepal with guide or without guide, with guide or without guide?” Is this question continuously haunting you? Then first you need to know what Nepal treks is really about.

Trekking is completely different from touring in Nepal. Trekking or hiking refers to making your way through numerous uphill/ downhill walk, forests, rivers, getting introduced with new people, seeing and learning their culture, traditions, watching spectacular views of snow capped Himalayas; while touring refers to getting to know Nepal through visiting cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara & Chitwan etc.

As now you have known the major difference between trek and tour; you also might have got a hint that there are very less chances of getting ill, losing your way and not getting food and lodging while you are on tours in Nepal. On the other hand, if you are on trekking in Nepal, happening of all these things will increase to some extent.  So, you can tour in Nepal on your own, but it hiring a guide is always a smart choice when it comes to trekking.

Trekking companies from another country charge you more for same facilities, as there will be commission involved while local Nepal government registered trekking companies offer quality services at competitive price. Local trekking companies will also take care of you like a family member, pick you up from airport, give you best advice, get your permits ready, gears and equipment ready, while you have to manage all these things yourself including rooms and foods during your trekking days.

These five reasons prove that trekking with experienced guide is smart way to travel:

  1. Your safety, security will be taken care by experienced professionals. Right decision will be taken at right time during contingency situations. You will get emergency support.
  2. Updated / factual information on weather and other info will be provided beforehand so that you can plan your trip accordingly.
  3. No need to worry about availability of rooms, foods during trekking days, everything will be managed by your guide. Trek on your own speed, on your own way, enjoy an overall experience.
  4. Your permits, tickets and every other travel related documents will be managed by your local trekking company.
  5. Get to explore more on local cultures, festivals, rituals and way of life. Communication becomes easy with local people. Similarly, about the views, name of Himalayas you will know exactly what you are seeing, experiencing.

Therefore, you will get the value for money services if you book your trip from local trekking companies. You will not only be satisfied, but delighted in many ways. So, you can always tour around Nepal without a guide but when it comes to trekking, contact local trekking company and hire well experienced, professional guide for your trekking trips to Nepal.