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Trekking with yoga in Nepal

Posted On : August 30, 2014

yoga while trekking

Trekking with yoga in Nepal is the popular trending activity practiced around the Himalayas. Yoga has been spiritually and physically transforming the mind and body of an individual since ages. Generally yoga is specifically concerned with the physical exercises and meditation is regarded as an activity involved in shaping the blissful state of mind. Practicing yoga while trekking is the perfect blend of these two terms ‘yoga’ and ‘meditation’. Yoga is practiced at Kathmandu yoga centers along at the exclusive trekking destinations which lets you feel the snowy breeze from snow capped maintains.

Yoga walking adventures are best practiced while experiencing the short adventure treks around the Annapurna, Langtang and Everest region. It is believed that the yoga was developed from the Himalayas by Lord Shiva. So why not embarking for the yoga classes from the place of its origin? The effect of yoga will be even more while practicing on the land of Himalayas. The peace of mind with the complete relaxation of body is guaranteed during the short trekking days as we will be practicing yoga in the heavenly place surrounded by ecstatic views of snow capped mountains. In the present context we are sandwiched by the chaotic life that has been compressing our life style which negatively affects on our mind and body. Now what may be the solution to overcome from this chaotic life? Well, its yoga. Your guess is correct! And the best solution might be practicing yoga during hiking adventures. There are many professional yoga gurus spreading the art and science of yoga. Either you are beginner or yoga guru, yoga at foothills of Himalayas is the key to ultimate happiness and tranquility that takes you to the another world of joy and self realization.

It is well known that trekking in Nepal is the best adventurous activity and yoga in Nepal is the best relaxation practice trending popularly. Therefore, experiencing both adventure and relaxation is the best way to travel around the Himalayas for the peace of mind and relaxation of body.

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