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Ultimate New Year Holidays: Beautiful Winter Treks in Nepal

Posted On : December 22, 2016



Winter treks in Nepal do not mean walking on the snow or climbing ice, skiing on mountains or even getting at altitudes with freezing temperatures. Cater your winter treks in Nepal with added exciting fun filled walking adventures and activities that you love to take part in. The snowy trekking routes, icicles on the roof and cold always doesn’t refer to difficult conditions while visiting base camp or high passes.

The views during the winter season are so so clear that you simply can’t compare. You will be mesmerized with panoramic sunrise views; picturesque landscapes and some route even offer added attractions of natural hotspring that would be truly a heaven while we are on winter treks in Nepal.  Simply imagine the orange sunrise changing the color of white Himalayas, clear twinkling skies at night and few shower of soft snow at higher grounds that will make your holiday a worthwhile experience.

However you should always keep in mind that it is still winter and taking precautions is very necessary. Mostly trek involves, ascending and descending trails and surroundings, atmosphere can change dramatically with change in altitude. Therefore, we should always cope with the external environment in a smart way.

Smart way in the sense that we should be wearing warm multi layers of clothing, gloves, socks and adjust according to morning, day and night temperatures. We must have all those required trekking gears and equipment recommended. Bring the necessities and avoid the excessities.

Trekking in winter is all about where you are heading to. There are plenty of treks in Nepal from Everest to Annapurna, Langtang to Manaslu that offers good sunrise views, excellent sites for photography, range of travel services. Make sure you have chosen that best suits you.

Finally, make this winter trek in Nepal happen and start your new year with a bang!