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What Does Trekking Mean To You?

Posted On : October 6, 2016

Langtang trek

Views on trekking might be different from one person to another. For someone, it might come in various grades, difficulty level, while for others total duration of the trek and similarly budget might be more important. However, the main purpose of trekking remains similar i.e. to experience best of nature, culture and Himalayas.

Some travel in search of happiness, while some trek to get rid of sorrow and sadness.  Both thing giving us the same meaning and it’s a good thing that we are escaping the reality to heal ourselves or to find the better version of us. Therefore, when trekking brings the happiness within us, travel more, trek more and be happy more.

Once in a while, we might have thought that we can trek and run only when we are young and fit. It is not wholly true however. Yes, fitness is important while embarking on any walking adventures, but these hiking trips can be tailor made according to need and requirement so that it can fit for even children and elderly people. When we travel with every member of our family, the trip becomes even more fun, lovely and enjoyable. We feel like we are all connected with our loved ones.

So, to travel and explore more, you need to have the habit of living healthy lifestyle, where there is balance between personal and professional life, eat healthy food, do regular exercise and always be ready to take on any adventure regardless age and other variables. You need to be teacher yourself from your own life experiences. Those people who ask the question ‘why trekking and traveling is important?’ should know that traveling is the best way to get enlightenment and discovering ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives us the courage like we were on our childhood.

Therefore, trekking doesn’t mean escaping the reality. It actually means finding out our existence in this real world. Trekking means gathering more happiness and healing the sorrow in our life; and finally being the better person than ever.

That’s our view on trekking. What’s yours?