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What Things to Pack for Everest Base Camp Trek?

Posted On : March 20, 2016

packing list for everest base camp trek

While planning for Everest base camp trek, ‘what things to pack for EBC?’ is one of the frequently asked questions among travelers. And this post simply includes items that a trekking packing list often includes.

Is this going to be your first time trekking in Nepal or have you been around the foothills of Nepal Himalayas before? If you have already been trekking at Everest base camp, Annapurnas or other sites then you must have general idea that every items listed in packing list below is easily available at Kathmandu. And if you already have few items and it fits on your flight luggage, then its better to bring your own things. Get other necessary items on hire or simply buy at store in Kathmandu.

And one important thing to consider while packing not only for Everest Base Camp but for every trekking holiday is that to keep your bag lighter and walk easier. Skip the might need things but make sure you grab the must need ones. Here I have listed few items that you might want to checklist while packing for Everest Base Camp Trek.

And please keep noted that baggage weight allowed for Lukla flight is 10 kg check-in baggage + 5 kg hand carry. So make it under 15 kg in total while flying from Kathmandu to Lukla. You can keep your extra baggage, items safely at your hotel in Kathmandu.


Inner Layers of Clothing Quantity
Base layered quick drying shirts 2
Short Sleeves trekking shirts 2
Base layered thermal underwear 2
Base layered thin socks 2 pair
Woolen trekking thick socks 2 pair
Trekking pants with zip off bottoms 2 pair
Fleece Sweaters 1 lighter and 1 heavier



Outer Layers of Clothing Quantity
Wind and water proof Jacket and Pants 1
Down Jacket 1
Full rounded hat or cap with sunblock 1
Fleece thermal layered hat 1
Pashmina Muffler or woolen neck band 1
Gloves 1 pair
Trekking shoes/boots 1 pair
Crocks/Flip-flops/Sandals 1 pair
Down booties 1 pair



Trekking Gears Quantity
Trekking Poles 1 or 2
-20 Sleeping Bag 1
Wrist Watch 1
Sunglass 1




Electronic Items Quantity
DSLR Camera 1
300 mm lenses with tripod 1 each
Camera spare batteries 2
Portable Chargers/Solar Charger 1
Dual sim gsm cell phone with NTC & Ncell sim cards [Note: Get free NTC sim at TIA, Ncell sim at Rs 100, simple dual sim gsm phone for not more than Nrs2000] 1
Solar chargeable Headlamp 1
Memory Cards 2 (64 GB cards would be enough)



Toiletries Quantity
Tooth brush 1
Tooth paste (small sized) 1
Shampoo sachet 1 dozen
Soap 1
Micro fiber towel 35” by 70″ sized for wrap up 1
Comb 1
Foot anti stink powder Few packets



First Aid Medics Quantity
Diamox for altitude sickness 20 tabs
Sunscreen lotion 1
Chapstick 1
Immodium to prevent diarrhea 1
Bandaids/ bandage wrap 1
Cotton and Neosporin 1/1
Betadin / Dettol Small 1


Trekking Map
Local currencies (NRS), no cards
2 Passport sized photographs



Extras Quantity
Chocolates Few dark chocolate bars
 Soft plastic water bag / camelback 1 / 1
Metal water bottle for hot water 1
Chlorine Tablets few
Tang 1 pouch
Tea Few tea bags
Novel 1
Playing Cards/ Chessboard / Badminton rackets with corks 1 each


Is your packing done? Or do you need further help in packing or require any information about Everest Base Camp Trek? Feel absolutely free to mail us at anytime. We will reply you as soon as we see your mail in our inbox.

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