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World Tourism Day: Travel to Nepal, its Safe to Travel after the Earthquake

Posted On : September 27, 2015

World tourism day - Copy

Every September 27 marks as World Tourism Day on a calendar and today is 35th World Tourism Day with a slogan ‘1 billion tourists 1 billion opportunities’ hosted by Bukina Faso this year. In Nepal also, it has been celebrated by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and other tourism related organizations and professionals. But only celebrating Tourism day with inspiring speech is not enough to recover Nepalese Tourism Industry that went through tough times since devastating April earthquake.

What needed to be done is to let the world know that Nepal is safe for travel, trekking and other tourism related activities. Nepal Government as well as all the responsible citizens should spread the news through media about how visiting Nepal in this peak season would help the local communities. Everest and Annapurna region trekking have already gone through professional assessment team and they have declared that it is safe to organize trekking trips in this season. Nepali communities living at the rural areas are looking at trails and ready to welcome the tourists whole heatedly. Prosper in tourism directly benefits local beneficiaries.

People from all over the world know that Nepal is prime destination for Himalayan trekking and climbing adventures. What we just need to do is spread the truth that is Nepal after the earthquake is totally safe to travel and its completely possible to do the adventure activities tourist would prefer in Nepal. All trekking routes are now safe and more than 95% hotels are in operation. Additionally, the recent promulgation of constitution has added new hope for the political stability and economic development. Through this message we want to request all the people longing to travel to the Himalayas to travel to Nepal because its totally safe. Hospitable and hard working Nepali people are desperate to welcome tourist from all over the world to this beautiful Himalayan Nation, the paradise for trekking adventures and help recover and rebuild the nation.

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