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Complete Insight on Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

female trekking guide in nepal

An Overview on Nepal Female Guides in Nepal

Nepal female guide refers to female trekking and tour guides in Nepal. In comparison to male trekking and tour guides in Nepal, number of female is nearly negligible in this sector. Actually, promoting female guides in Nepal should be done which is a positive step in creating independent society and developing women entrepreneurship in Nepal. It will also be beneficial for women specially living at rural areas and backward society, who have desire to get into tourism field and rise above any obligation of being restricted in household activities. Nepal female guides should be the face or ambassador of adventures around foothills of Himalayas.

Importance and Need of Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

It is the current need of Nepalese tourism sector about empowering women to make them feel that they are able to take on any professional challenges put in front of them. Basically, most of the women in Nepal are muddled into household activities, whereas, with promotional activities and awareness programs involving women entrepreneurship, they have gradually began to adopt this profession as female trekking guide. Still however in this male dominated society; it is really tough to accept prospective female guides in this adventurous trekking field. Female guides have been able to break this trend gradually proven the point that there is nothing that women can’t do. Here are few points that describes why Female trekking guide is currently necessary in Nepal.

  • Financial Security

When more female trekking guide grows from remote villages of Nepal, women from economically backward society gets employment opportunities. When these new jobs are created at their own hometown, they become financially independent and secured.

  • Building Self-confidence

New jobs as female trekking guides also boosts the confidence of women. And it also makes them believe that they can achieve anything if opportunities are created, applied and put into action.

  • Women Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Female Guides in Nepal

Any women involved in entrepreneurial activities are known as women entrepreneurship. Due to lack of awareness, education, society and funds, women entrepreneurship is not seen much in comparison to men. So, this female trekking guide can be an excellent opportunity to develop the concept of women entrepreneurship development in Nepal. Trekkers and adventure lovers will play a major role in creating independent Nepalese society by choosing female guides. These activities will create employment opportunities and also it opens doors for new female guides with simple active participation of female travelers and booking a trip with female guides affiliated to registered trekking company in Nepal.

Therefore, if any female traveler is looking for trekking with female guides then along with that guide, it also makes positive impact to other beneficiaries like for those who are in search of being trekking and tour leader. In this way, we hope, there will be increase in number of female guides in near future and we can hear success stories that inspires others.

Icicles Adventure Treks: Female Led Tours and Trekking Company in Nepal

Icicles Adventure is female led trekking company in Nepal. As a co-founder of the company, Mrs. Indira Bhatta is actively involved in office administration, sales and corporate affairs for achievement of company goals i.e. uplifting female trekking in Nepal. As a result, we clearly understand how female tours and trekking in Nepal should be organized.

Female trekking guides and female tour guides are both women who can be the go to person for female trekkers in Nepal as it is believed that feeling of women is better understood by women. Our company was co-created by women entrepreneur to welcome all the women adventurers from all over the world. Our tours and trekking trips are adventurous full of fun and excitement without omitting the things women love. We will explore the hidden chronicles and ensure your safety during entire period of the trip in accommodation, transportation and all other aspects of related travel services.

Among a handful of trekking organizations that promote female trekking guide & tour guide culture in Nepal, Icicles Adventure Trek & Tours is one of them. Icicles Adventure is certainly one of the best female oriented trekking organizations leading trekking adventures with absolute precision and profundity. We provide best professional female trekking guides in Nepal. Although our female trekking guides are for only female trekkers, these days due to their soft nature, good service, sincerity towards job and professionalism, we also organize family trips and city tours with Nepal Female Guides.

Whom Do We Offer Female Trekking Guide Services? Concept of Treks by Women For Women

We accept the fact that female trekkers trekking with a female trekking guide has numerous advantages and hidden features attached to it. A female trekking guide is best suited especially for the female visitors. That’s why we offer female trekking guide services only to solo or group of female and family travelers. It implies, we do not offer female trekking guides for male travelers.

For female travelers, each and every trekking journey may present with different kinds of adversities and physical problems for which approaching a male trekking guide may be awkward, however if the same happens while on trekking with a female trekking guide it can be easily sent across and a solution can be derived there straightforwardly. Female trekking guides are more particular and systematic in their approach and they treat the guests or visitors as one of them. Female Trekking saga is not only about providing personalized support and services on trekking journeys or only commitment and assurance of best valued services that not only satisfies your travel needs but also delights you in many ways.

Our Female Guide Profiles:

Chola B.K

-Female Trekking Guide-

Originally belonging from the western Myagdi district of Nepal, Chola B.K is a professionally experienced trekking guide who has successfully trekked to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Anna Circuit Trek and the formidable Everest Three Passes Trek. She initially joined Icicles Adventure two years ago in 2015 but as soon as she joined with us, she managed to show her professional skills as an expert trekking guide by satisfying several of loyal customers. She takes pride in taking our customers on a trek to various parts of Nepal with the end goal of surpassing the expectations of our customers.

Anita Ranjitkar

-Female Tour Guide-

Being a very likeable and friendly person, Anita is a very experienced tour guide with years of experience and knowledge about touring in Nepal. She has managed to travel all over the different parts of Nepal while providing a very informative and pleasing tours to our customers. Having years of knowledge in the tourism field, she has been able to gain vast amount of knowledge about numerous heritage sites of Nepal. With a fascination to meet and talk with people belonging from different parts of the world, Anita keenly awaits for you to visit Nepal with her.

Bishnu Thapa

-Female Trekking Guide-

With several years of experience, Bishnu Thapa is another one of our outstanding trekking guide at our disposal. Bishnu belongs from the Kaski district of Nepal and has spent most of her lifetime travelling and trekking in the Himalayas. To describe, she is a very approachable and outgoing person who genuinely loves to trek in different parts of Nepal. Additionally, she has a good command over English language which in general makes it easier for her to communicate with her customers. Being very passionate about her work, she tends to pursue her career as a trekking guide so that she can inspire other women to get involved in the trekking field. Nonetheless, she always manages to satisfy our each and every customer with extraordinary set of skills.

Meena Karki

-Female Trekking Guide-

Female Trekking Guide in Nepal
Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Natively belonging from the Kaski district, Meena has personal experience of traveling in the popular Annapurna region of Nepal. Meena is a very talented expert trekking guide who always enjoys her travel days with her other trekkers and tourists from different countries of the globe. Since her childhood, Meena had always dreamt of becoming a trekking guide so when she grew up she managed to become a skilled professional trekking guide by simply putting hard efforts and strong dedication. With decades of trekking knowledge she has been to many trekking routes of Nepal which include Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang and others as well.

Sunaina Raut

-Female Trekking and Tour Guide-

Possessing more than twelve years of trekking and tour experience, Sunaina is a very multi-talented person who works both as a Trekking and Tour Guide in Icicles Adventure. Sunaina was born and raised in Chitwan district of southern Nepal which makes her the go to person when it comes to visiting the Chitwan National Park. Not sticking with just that, she now is a certified tour and trekking guide who has been to many of Nepal top cities and trekking routes like the Everest, Annapurna and Langtang regions etc. Last of all, Sunaina enjoys every bit of her trekking and touring days with everyone she meets.


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