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American Couple Tie a Knot at Everest Base Camp

Everything is happening at Everest base camp since last month. And finally something good has happened among these things as American couple tie a knot this time at base camp of highest Himalaya. They trekked all the way to base camp, stayed there for nearly three weeks and finally got married. This shows that base camp of Everest can also be a marriage ceremony site if there is desire to do it.

California: Everyone loves to make their marriage memorable. In making such wonderful memories, this American couple arrived Nepal. They were planning for this wedding ceremony at Everest base camp since last year.

35 years old James Sism and 32 years old Ashley Sijmeder got married at elevation of more than 17000 feet above sea level. They got married during their everest base camp trek. This event has become unforgettable memory for this couple.

Every couple wants their wedding day to be one to remember, but this couple went above and beyond to make sure theirs was unlike any other.

The adventurous newlyweds, who spent a year planning the trip, braved freezing temperatures, gruelling terrain and altitude sickness on their way to Everest Base Camp.

The day was documented by specialist adventure wedding photographer Charleton Churchill, from California, who accompanied the couple to document the incredible journey.

He said: ‘I wanted to document a real couple getting married, the journey along the way, the pain, the happiness, the tiredness, the struggles, as well as the romantic chemistry of the couple.

‘More than that, I wanted to portray the contrast that exists between the intimidatingly majestic mountains and the small, fragile love between two humans.’