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The Last Shangri-La, Bhutan, is widely known for its rich and unspoiled natural and cultural heritage. Its pristine cultures and traditions attract visitors from across the world into its classic charm. Besides, the time-honored heritages- such as Dzongs and Paro Taktsang- of Bhutan are the complex combinations of intricate paintings and designs. They represent one of the finest architectures of Bhutan.

At a glance, the buildings in Bhutan look like a typical Buddhist complex with a twisted or erect spire on its top. To construct these architectures, the traditional method is widely popular to date. This method of construction involves the use of stones, sticky sand, and other classic ingredients to form a concrete structure. Many of the monasteries and administrative offices in Bhutan are built using this ancient technique of architecture.

What’s more, Bhutan is a naturally exotic hub for nature lovers. From the wild black bears to the incredible tiger, Bhutan boasts an extensive variety of wild lives. There are over 5400 distinct species of plants and countless varieties of bird species. Bhutan is, indeed, the Shangri-La for nature lovers.

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