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Why Icicles Adventure?

As a legitimate trekking company in Nepal, we are proud to have a highly qualified and professional team who are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Along with the standard programs, we put much effort into personalized tours and travel services in the Himalayas. Just let us know what you have in mind; we will help you to discover the Himalayas in your way. Here are some evident causes regarding why you should book your Himalayan Trips with Icicles Adventure:

We Care Your Health and Safety

Your safety and enjoyment are our highest priority. We do not compromise on our operating cost in the matter of your health and safety. Firstly, our trip itineraries are ideally designed to give you adequate time for acclimatization. Secondly, our guides are selected based on their proven safety records, perfect judgment, friendly performance, and ability to provide caring and knowledgeable instructions. They are also highly professional and well-trained in first aid and personal protection equipment. Our guides are equipped with cell phones, and in places where satellite phones are needed, they carry those too. We frequently call your leader during your trips and even talk with you to ensure everything is going well. We also make sure that first aid kits are available on all trips and happily provide oxygen cylinders and PAC Bags upon request (payable). All our leaders are insured. We stay updated on all aspects of government regulations so that they don’t affect your trip. We provide fresh, hygienically prepared food on all our trips, also catering to any particular dietary requirements or food allergies. In case of emergency, we can conduct helicopter rescue immediately. For the health and safety of our clients, we give much priority to everything, from hygienic food to high altitude sickness cure, from first aid to helicopter rescue.

Your Money is Protected (Financial Security)

Icicles Adventure Treks & Tours is a fully licensed and bonded trekking company in Nepal. We are registered at the Company Registration Office, authorized by Nepal Government, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Industry Department, Nepal National Bank, and the Taxation Office. Our membership with several prestigious regulating bodies such as Nepal Association for Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP). This means you can book your trips with us with confidence, as all monies paid to us for your trekking, climbing, and tours (not for insurance) are protected, well invested, and do not involve any risk.

Small Groups and Personalized Service

Our minimum requirement for running our trips is only two people; thus, we can provide you a personalized service at a reasonable cost. From the moment you book with us, you can rely on our proficiency and dedication to providing you with a superlative service. You are welcome to contact our office any time to speak to anyone, whether it is about your booking, trip preparation, medical concerns, equipment, or any last-minute questions. We assist you by being practical. On our group joining trips, we have a maximum group size of 12 people in group joining trips. This provides more contact with your leader, readier access to remote areas, better contacts with local communities, and a reduced environmental impact. As the group size increases, we increase the number of staff so that individual care can be done. Being said personalized service, we do not disturb your private times. You can also take free time to explore and do as you please. You are guaranteed that while traveling with our team, you are sure to feel like one of our family.

Value-For-Money Prices with Emphasis on Quality

We are not in the business of skipping our itineraries and cutting out services to offer eye-catching cheap prices. Our well-designed trips crafted thoughtfully, however, offer fantastic value for money. We use some of the best airlines and typically 3-star hotels in main cities. We include the majority of meals in trekking and climbing trips and use safe tourist transport and private transport for road travel. We use excellent equipment and appoint well-trained staff and leaders.

Our Sustainable Tourism Policy

We are a great supporter of sustainable tourism ethics, and we practice sustainable Tourism by respecting our staff, the environment, the locals the respect and gratitude that they deserve.

We Take Care Our Staff

At Icicles Adventure Treks and Tours, we take care of our staff. Definitely, all our staffs are with adequate training and experience at high altitudes. We ensure that all of our leaders, porters, and helpers receive fair pay as fixed by the government of Nepal, and sometimes in some cases, when they do extra effort (only at their will), we provide the extra benefits. They are always insured. We make sure they have appropriate clothing and equipment to perform their duties. We also ensure that all of our staff are of an appropriate age to perform their duties, and we are against child exploitation.

Looking back to history, we see there has been extensive exploitation of porters. They were made to carry too much weight, been paid less than they deemed, and were used on trips without adequate clothing and equipment. To make sure that we are doing our greatest, Icicles Adventure Treks adopts the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) recommended policies, a leading organization struggling for the rights of porters and guides.

We support the local Economy.

We know our guests love to observe the cultural and ethnic features of the communities they visit. However, unless we support locals economically, the long-term existence of the locals cannot be guaranteed. Locals might migrate in search of better opportunities if they do not find opportunities to earn enough for their life. So we have strong policies of supporting small businesses of locals such as teahouses, local stores, etc. On trekking and climbing trips, we primarily employ local porters to make certain that we are supporting the local economy. On our Nepal trips, all our guides and porters are Nepalese. On Bhutan trips, we only use Bhutanese guides and helpers. In Tibet, we employ Tibetans. In India, only local Indian tour guides are provided an opportunity to work for us.

Environmental Care

We ensure that garbage is disposed of correctly whilst trekking or later in the cities on all of our treks. To promote responsible tourism, we discourage our clients from drinking bottled water and encourage the consumption of boiled and purified water.  In some parts of Nepal, it is prohibited to sell bottled water, and we respect this. We are guided by the principle ‘Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. We design our itineraries and operate in the field guided by the principles of ecotourism. Furthermore, all our staffs have been given environmental training and are very sensitive to the delicate eco-systems we enter. In addition, we have a history of committing ourselves to the safety and enjoyment of our clients and maintaining high ethical standards in all our operations. We strongly believe in making a positive contribution to the communities we help you to explore. We actively encourage all our clients to follow the Himalayan Tourist Code.

Selection of best Itineraries

Himalaya is our motherland, so no one knows the Himalayas better than us. We have designed our standard itineraries perfectly, keeping in mind you have adequate acclimatization, and you do not miss to get acquainted with cultures, the local way of life, the natural history of the area, and any other special things to know about the area or the area have to offer its guests. If you would like a customized itinerary, our Himalayan experts will craft a perfect itinerary as per your interests, requirements. Just let us know.

Discount Policy

We have different discount offers. Please read through it; you might be benefited from one of them. If a together-booking group consists of 12 or more people, we offer a free trip to a leader of the group. We offer students a discount of 5%. We offer discounts for family travel too. We offer a 5% discount to our loyal customers who have taken two or more trips with Icicles Adventure, a reasonable trekking company in Nepal. Another 5% discount is provided to those who have been referred to us by our loyal customers. Plus, keep watching our website; we periodically offer seasonal discounts.

We are most Flexible.

Since we are a locally based trekking company in Nepal, it's quite simple for us to be flexible. We have a flexible approach to helping you plan your holiday – flights, hotel upgrades, extensions, and travel dates can all be adjusted. Except for some exceptions, we can run most of the trips on any dates as per our client's wish; we can run our trips for any number of people, i.e., for a single person to any number (in some trips there must be at least two people and we do not include more than 12 people but for most of the trips we are flexible). For an even more personalized holiday, for solo travelers, couples, or groups, we are happy to provide tailor-made, private group departures on dates that will suit you best. In addition, if you have your own group for friends, families, relatives and want a customized program, we can customize our itineraries as per your interest and requirement.

24/7 Assistance

You can call us any day, any time. You can contact us through Website Request Forms, Email, Skype, telephone, and available mobile phone 24/7. An expert always takes your requests. During the trip, you can also contact us any time you have any difficulties, complaints, emergencies, etc. We always stay in an alert state to assist you. We strongly believe that it is our duty to follow you long after you have purchased our services and do not finish until you have safely returned home with great memories.

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