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Like Nepal, Tibet is also a Himalayan nation. Few of the northern mountains of Nepal share some part of their base with the Tibet including the Mt. Everest and Mt. Kailash. So, these peaks can be witnessed from both sides. While to reach the base camp of the Everest from Nepal, you have to trek a long way (about 65 kilometers from Lukla); this is not the case on the Tibetan side. From there, you can catch a comfortable Jeep drive to the base camp. This is the major highlight of the Tibet.

Besides, the unique customs and traditions of the Tibet make it a beautiful destination in the world. While the rest of the eastern world is being impacted by western styles and cultures, Tibet has remained immune to these changes. They still drink their butter tea and provide it to anyone who visits their home. Plus, their distinct clothes and countenance give them a unique and significant identity.

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