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Easy Climbing Peaks

If you are an adventurous trekker but haven’t have got a mountaineering experience yet, then you must choose to go with the easy non-technical trekking peaks of Nepal first. Easy Peaks of Nepal are for trekkers who would like a straightforward introduction to mountaineering. Fit walkers and trekkers who are looking to extend their experience to higher altitude adventure can go for any of the easy peaks climbing trips we have classified here.

The easy peaks of Nepal are of no or very little technical difficulty and you need not have previous mountaineering experience, the degree of technical knowledge you need to climb these mountains can be gained during the climbing course itself. Or if you doubt, it is advised to gain a little bit of rock climbing experience so that you get introduced to the climbing gears. Rock climbing experience would be an asset for you.

While on the easy peak climbing trip, you will gradually trek into the mountain, taking time to acclimatize, before the ascent to the summit from a high camp. Most peaks involve a walk up a glacier requiring basic ice ax and crampon skills which can be gained in the mountain itself. There is plenty of opportunities to gain proficiency in lower glacier area.

Any fit trekkers with experience at high altitudes and camping conditions are a good candidate for the easy climbing peaks of Nepal. A one-week course involving an introduction to alpine mountaineering skills would also be excellent preparation, but the necessary technical and gear using skills can easily be acquired on these easy mountains themselves. But of course, one should be fit, strong (both mentally and physically), and have a lot of endurance power to walk/climb in high altitude conditions for long hours (min 7-8 hours) on summit day.

If you aim to climb one of the eight-thousanders of the Everest itself, you must start from these easy peaks to understand the Himalayan peaks, to make yourself prepared to manage with their vast altitude, to make yourself skillful to cope with their technical challenge. Nowadays it’s becoming more and more common to have the highest peaks on earth on the climbing list.

Commercial expedition organizers offer package prices and basically, anyone who’s got the cash can try it out. This has lead to crowded peaks and a lot of casualties. So, if you aim to be a professional mountaineer, start with the easy peaks, then move to more technical ones and go step by step. Never hurry to jump to higher and technical ones, we wish you safe mountaineering!!

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