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Short Treks

Short Treks in Nepal are the great way to see more of Himalayas, explore diversified cultures, traditions, festivals with great insights in short period of time. Icicles short treks and tours connect travel lovers to Nepal’s beautiful Himalayan sceneries with varied local living while pleasantly walking along the natural trails breathing fresh air from refreshing green forests. Each one is different yet similar on its own way. From impressive sunrise and sunset views over the snow capped Himalayas, to boating at Lake City of Pokhara and having a fun time with our friends, family and loved ones, short treks in Nepal is an awesome way to discover this amazing country in a short and easy way, without missing a moment.

Is short treks in Nepal for me?

If you love traveling then short treks in Nepal is for you. If you are looking to have fun filled holidays with exciting activities around the foothills of Himalayas with perfect blend of culture, nature and adventure; then these short treks in Nepal is for you. Likewise, it is specially designed and best recommended for only travel lovers like you if:

You are trekking in Nepal with your family regardless age and fitness level
The best of holidays and moments are created with our family as we are happier when we are with our beloved ones. And taking up Himalayan challenges at high altitudes may not be preferable for every family member. As a solution in this case, Icicles has come up with short treks in Nepal that is suitable and preferable for all family member from kids to elderly and of course for younger hearts. Regardless, how older or younger you and your family is, join our short treks and have a great time with your family in Nepal.
In the similar way, fitness level is also not given importance to top level during short treks in Nepal. However, you must be fit enough to walk with ability to make basic ascents and descents. The more fit you are, the more fun you will feel.

You have limited time or fewer days to visit Nepal

You are fit and ready to hit the Himalayas, but no enough time to make it at Everest base camp or, complete the Annapura Circuit? Cool! Not an issue anymore. We have shorter versions of these popular Nepal trekking adventures that can fit in your vacation schedule. Also you can tailor made any of our itineraries and make it happen. Simply contact our travel experts, we will let you know how it can be managed with all detail information you need. Therefore, all the time bounded travelers are requested to have a chat with us and join for worthwhile short trek across Nepal Himalayas.

You prefer easy treks without much physical challenges

If you prefer easy treks without taking much of physical challenges, or your fitness level comes in between while trekking at high altitudes, then, short and easy treks can be a great option to you. These short and easy treks allows you to gain the best of Himalayan trekking experiences when you don’t have to worry about high altitude sickness and other health and fitness related issues. You simply enjoy the short and easy treks in Nepal; have the best of holidays with amazing experiences.

You don’t want climate to affect your itinerary, your treks at your dates

Short treks and tours can be organized during any time of the year. You don’t have to worry about the climatic conditions to affect your scheduled itinerary. Therefore, while planning for short treks in Nepal, you simply choose the your suitable dates and leave rest on us. The flexibility of dates is there during Short treks in Nepal.
However, the peak season during the autumn months brings out the clear skies with awesomely clear Himalayan views and spring months are best known for magically blossoming rhododendron flowers all over the mountains.

You love excellent sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayas

Short Treks in Nepal is also an opportunity to spectacle the panoramic sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayas. Enjoy these amazing views from popular viewpoints like Nagarkot, Sarangkot, Poonhill and many others where the views are simply out of the world. Waking up very early in the morning before sunrise, short hike to top of the viewpoint and the magical sunrise show; you will surely love it.

You are first time trekking in Nepal

If you are first time trekking in Nepal, then you might look for the short treks in Nepal. It is not mandatory to join short treks however; there are varieties of short treks that gives you an quick insights into diversified nature and culture in short time and you can always visit more challenging and longer ones during your next vacation.

Accommodations and Meals during Short Treks in Nepal

Usually the accommodations during the short treks in Nepal will be a tea house trekking with basic facilities being available. As you are trekking around the foothills of Himalayas and mountainous topographic location, don’t expect pure luxury in like star rated ones, however at most of the short trekking trails, quality tea houses are there offering their services.
A standard family-run lodge will offer a comfortable room, a variety of healthy and hot food choices and a great place to meet other trekkers from around the world and amazing views. Most rooms include a wooden bed with a mattress, small table and lamp.
It is very essential to have an idea about food, meals and drinking water available at short trekking trails. As discussed earlier, short treks in Nepal are mostly tea house trekking where there are numerous teahouses and lodges all over the trekking routes that offers menu to visitors. In most of them you will find pasta, potato soup, eggs, chowmien, bread and pancakes along universal Nepali food dal bhat tarkari (rice, lentil and mixed vegetables).

Therefore, plan for your short trekking holiday in Nepal with us. Here are top 10 best short treks in Nepal that you would like to join in:

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