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Peak Climbing

Nepal is the most prosperous country in terms of natural beauty due to its chains of hundreds of mountains. The mountainous green landscape and the snow-covered peaks create extensive routes for trekking and an extensive pedestal for peak climbing, mountaineering, and ice climbing. Whether the interest is just climbing trekking peaks or climbing above 7000 or 8000-meter peaks, mountaineering in Nepal has become a dream for most of the adventure aficionado mountaineers in the world. Icicles Adventure Treks and Tours has the expertise to organize adventure trekking, trekking peak climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, and Expedition in Nepal.

We also provide logistic support for mountaineering and peak climbing groups; if not, you need our full service for your peak climbing, mountaineering, and ice climbing trip in Nepal. Our customers have evaluated in the mean course that our trip organizing skills for peak climbing and mountaineering are of international standard that has met our mountaineers' customers' expectations. Our services were more than they expected.

This is possible due to our professional and experienced climbing leaders, climbing Sherpas, our organizing skills, selection of high-quality climbing equipment, plus our concern for the safety and security of our clients. In addition, our company leader himself being a climbing leader, our services for peak climbing in Nepal go beyond those offered by many other companies in credibility, motivation, professionalism, and the safety measures are reflected in organizing all our trips of adventure trekking, peak climbing in Nepal, mountaineering in Nepal, and Ice climbing in Nepal.

We organize trekking peak climbing trips to all trekking peaks in Nepal that are permitted to be climbed by Nepal Mountaineering Association. The most preferred trekking peaks in Nepal by climbing enthusiasts are Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche East Peak, Pokalde Peak, in Everest region; Pisang Peak, Singuchuli Peak, Tharpu Chuli, Mardi Himal, Chulu East, Chulu Far East, Chulu West, and Dhampus Peak in Annapurna region and Nayakanga Peak Yala Peak and Paldor peak in Langtang region.

Best Time for Peak Climbing in Nepal

Nepal has four seasons: autumn (September- November), winter (December- February), spring (March-May), and summer (June- August). Though peak climbing in Nepal is probable at any time of the year, Spring and Autumn are the ideal season for trekking and climbing as the weather condition is good, the temperature is comfortable; neither too cold, not too hot, and less to no rain or snowfall. The highlands are hazardous to climb in the very hot, rainy, or cold season.

During summer, it rains ubiquitously during the monsoon time making trails wet, muddy, and slippery. While, in winter, it is very cold higher up in the mounts but due to less crowd, some people like trekking at this time of year while certain routes may get closed due to the heaps of snow in the area or high risks of an avalanche.

Spring Season

Spring (March to May) is the prime climbing period for all kinds of peaks and trekking in Nepal. In spring, the weather is good enough and views are crystal and the climate is quite favorable. The possibility of rainfall or snowfall is less in comparison to rest seasons.

It considered the finest peak climbing season because of the warm weather, stable temperatures not so much snow dropped. An extreme wind might be the problem for this season, but considering all other factors, spring is the perfect climbing time for the Himalayas of Nepal.

Autumn Season

Autumn begins in late September and finishes in late November, and is the second peak season for climbing adventures in Nepal. The lustrous green hills and valleys at the foothills of the mountains and unobstructed views of the Himalayan massifs are the major highlights of this season.

The weather and temperature are cool enough for climbing after the rainy season. Neither so hot nor so cold, autumn is an ideal time for enjoying views of clear nature and an appropriate time for climbing the mountains. The perfect weather with comfortable climbing directions with fewer chances of rain/snowfall in the autumn gives more chances of a successful summit of the peaks.

Although winter and summer/rainy seasons are not recommended as the perfect months for climbing in Nepal, still there are some successful records of summiting peaks are found. However, as a peak climbing operator, we suggest spring and autumn for climbing of high Himalayas.

How to climb the mountain peaks in Nepal?

First of all, you need to be physically and psychologically fit and determined for any peaks climbing. Then you need to arrange peak climbing permits. Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) is one of the official agencies in Nepal to issue permits to climb mountains below 7000m. While, the mountaineering section of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation issues the authorization for climbing on the peaks above 7000m.

Such permits are issued through the Trekking/Mountaineering Agency via NMA (Neal Mountaineering Association) by applying full of the information of your personal detail. A License holder experienced climbing Guide is mandatory for climbing peaks in Nepal.

For every climbing peak to climb; you need to have personal climbing gear and equipment. Such gears and equipment, you may carry from your home either can hire from Kathmandu.

Your local climbing Sherpa guide instructs you some of the basic knowledge of climbing rules, to use the gears and safety instruction. Most of the trekking peaks of Nepal are summited the same day and within a day, come back to base camp. In such peaks, every climber should spend at least 2-3 days in Base camp for preparation. The rest of the days they do involve trekking to and back from Kathmandu.

Come! Join our Peak climbing adventure next season and we are sure you will soon return to accomplish another peak with a few of your adventure lover friends!


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