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Current Status of Covid and tourism in Nepal

It was a year almost a year ago that Nepal went under a national-wise strict lockdown to prevent the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Almost after 9 months, everything began to be back in its original position except the tourism industry. In December the government of Nepal held a meeting and concluded in the resumption of Nepal tourism for all travelers as the number of infected and fatalities is constantly decreasing while the number of recovering patients is increasing.

Next, Nepal has already started to vaccinate people according to its priority. The front liners health workers and elderly people have already got their first dose of vaccine and others are getting it according to their turn. This circumstance has been co-operating the country moving on following the new normal and COVID safety situation.

Due to this progress, tourists eager to visit Nepal can enter Nepal by following the safety health protocols issued by the government of Nepal. According to the Government of Nepal Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Immigration, all the visitors must get a Covid-19 negative report which is not older than 72 hours. However, children below 5 years are excused from this rule.

Alongside a negative PCR test report, travelers require a travel visa to enter Nepal. There are two different ways explorers can get vacationer visas to Nepal. Travelers can obtain tourist visas from the embassy or consulate offices of Nepal based in their home country.

In any case, however, if there are no embassy or consulate offices of Nepal in their home country or in a convenient location for them, they can seek Visa Approval Letter with travel/trekking offices they are going with. To get, Visa Approval Letters, explorers need to give a scanned duplicate of their passport, COVID insurance, and flight subtleties to the movement/journeying offices and they will convey the VISA approval letter through email.

After showing the visa approval letter along with the Negative PCR test report, visitors shall get the arrival visa stamped on their passport. You can now drive to your hotel for quarantine which is implemented for seven days till the day (2021-03-15). This provision can be removed as soon if further hazards do not occur.

Before commencing the journey, once again should test PCR and must be negative to enter the traveling/trekking destinations. Although some check strictly and some don’t, you always should carry it wherever you go.

The popular trekking destinations as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Mustang, and Dolpa are now opened and the teahouses around are in full operation. The flights to the Himalayan airstrips have already resumed and trekkers can trek now without any hazards. All other touristic activities as sightseeing, safari, paragliding, mountain flights, bungee jumping, and city tours are going on as usual.

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