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Dolpo Treks

"Only the lionhearted wanderer can explore the hidden kingdom of Dolpo."

This quote very much coincides with the introduction of Dolpo. The rugged terrain, barren landscapes, invincible-looking cliffs, the zigzag trails, and the deserted land sum up to define how difficult it is to explore this region. In the middle of the trek, you might encounter some impassable sheer slopes, which can only be crossed with the right energy and techniques. Many times, camping is the only remaining option, and the threats of wild snow leopards and other animals are ubiquitous. Therefore, it is obvious to say that Dolpo is only for the daredevils.

However, the experiences that you will gain from exploring this region cannot be found anywhere else. Dolpo is probably the last historic region left on Earth, which is untouched by modern-day advancements and technologies. Therefore, all of what you see in Dolpo are completely natural and exotic. From the raging waterfalls to the incredible mountains of the Dhaulagiri, Churen Himal, and Kanjiroba Himal, all of them are clean and pure. Moreover, the turquoise lake of Phoksundo is another pristine heritage of nature to see and enroll in the tranquility of Nature.

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