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Posted on: 20-Mar-2015

Ghode Jatra: Festival of Horses in Nepal

Ghode Jatra is known as the festival of horses in Nepal celebrated during March.  Tundikhel ground in central Kathmandu hosts the festival every...

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Posted on: 19-Mar-2015

Camping Treks in Nepal

Camping treks in Nepal refers to fully organized off-the-beaten path adventure around remote and less explored trails. These rugged path trekking in N...

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Posted on: 15-Mar-2015

Everest Base Camp Trek Diary: Facing the Challenge

After 5 hours long flight from Kuala Lumpur, and three of my friends landed at Kathmandu airport with a constant feeling of excitement and nervousness...

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Posted on: 10-Mar-2015

Top 5 Things to avoid during Nepal Hiking Holidays

During Nepal walking adventures, there are lots of things that you can do. From viewing the breathtaking sceneries, hiking around the foothills of the...

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Posted on: 04-Mar-2015

Celebrating Holi in Nepal: Stories behind festival of colors

Holi is the festival of colors that brings happiness, togetherness and joy among families and friends. The celebration lasts for a week with splendid...

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Posted on: 03-Mar-2015

Fascinating facts about Everest Treks?

It is a known fact that the Everest base camp trek is the best adventurous activity to experience around the foothills of the Himalayas. But you do kn...

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Posted on: 02-Mar-2015

Reasons why many people choose Nepal for photography

Trek around the foothills of Nepal Himalayas is those adventures that are filled with the wonderful opportunity to click the world’s most photog...

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Posted on: 01-Mar-2015

Top 10 off-the-beaten treks in Nepal

Off the beaten treks in Nepal are less visited mystical lands around small yet naturally blessed and diversified country. These less popular treks aro...

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Posted on: 26-Feb-2015

Why to trek with a local trekking agency in Nepal

Are you looking for the best trekking company in Nepal that takes care of all your travel needs and fits within your budget? If your answer is yes the...

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Posted on: 13-Feb-2015

Maha Shivaratri in Nepal: Where to visit?

Pilgrimage tour in Nepal offers an insight into diversified local culture, religion, and festivals on various occasions. Maha Shivaratri is one of the...

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Posted on: 06-Feb-2015

Acute Mountain Sickness in Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp trek is one of the most popular trekking adventures in the world. This trip is even more enjoyable when we have knowledge about...

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Posted on: 06-Feb-2015

Altitude sickness during Everest Base Camp Trek

While joining Everest base camp trek, knowing about altitude sickness, how it happens, how it affects you and how it can be prevented are essential. H...

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Posted on: 04-Feb-2015

What to expect during trekking in Nepal

Trekking around the foothills of the Himalayas offers many more things but do you know what to expect among them? Experienced trekkers and travelers w...

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Posted on: 22-Jan-2015

Trekking in Nepal: trekking alone vs with trekking agency

Independent trekking guide or registered trekking agency? What would you prefer for booking your Nepal treks? It’s all your decision but wheneve...

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Posted on: 19-Jan-2015

Trekking in Nepal: Everest vs Annapurna

Annapurna or Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal? It’s like asking whom do you love most, mom or dad? Well, it’s been the most common ques...

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Posted on: 09-Jan-2015

Trekking in Nepal: A learning opportunity for students

Trekking activities around the Himalayas are also great learning and volunteering opportunities for high school and university students keen to travel...

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Posted on: 07-Jan-2015

10 Best treks in Nepal [2021 UPDATED]

Let’s embark on the top trekking destinations of Nepal around the foothills of the Himalayas witnessing centuries’ old religious shrines,...

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Posted on: 09-Jan-2015

10 Reasons To Go For The Everest Base Camp Trek

Looking for reasons for the Everest base camp trek? Well, it has been one of the top trekking adventures to be experienced around the globe ever since...

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Posted on: 05-Jan-2015

Top 10 attractions in Nepal

Visit Nepal, if you are planning for one of its kind trekking, tours, and holiday vacations. Nepal is often said as the trekker’s paradise where...

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Posted on: 22-Oct-2014

Tihar: Dazzling festival of lights in Nepal

Tihar embellishes the whole environment with lights, flowers, and sweetness every year and is celebrated as the greatest festival in Nepal after Dasha...

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Posted on: 30-Aug-2014

Trekking with yoga in Nepal

Trekking with yoga in Nepal is the popular trending activity practiced around the Himalayas. Yoga has been spiritually and physically transforming the...

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