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Posted on: 25-Apr-2017

A Dreamy Winter Holiday in Nepal

“Make your dream winter holiday come true by visiting Nepal this year with us.” Thinking about planning your next pleasurable “Wint...

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Posted on: 24-Apr-2017

10 Things That Surprised Me in Everest Base Camp Trek

Life is full of surprises. And Everest base camp trek with Icicles Adventure last month was the biggest surprise for me. Here are 10 things that surpr...

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Posted on: 23-Apr-2017

Wifi Internet, Cellphone and Charging Tips For Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp trek connects you to highest Himalayas on planet, popular Sherpa culture and simply breathtaking natural highlights. Most of us emba...

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Posted on: 21-Apr-2017

Daily Foodstuffs, Meals and Drinks on Everest Base Camp Trek

What will you eat during the Everest base camp trek? Read this full article you have an idea of what is available, what to eat, what not to, how much...

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Posted on: 20-Apr-2017

Is It Possible To Trek During July & August in Nepal?

“Experience monsoon in Nepal & you will never go to any other place in the world.” To answer that question, I would simply say that &...

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Posted on: 14-Apr-2017

Complete Guide to Upper Mustang Trek: Hidden Mountain Kingdom in Nepal

With quite similar topographical, cultural and natural setting of Tibet, Upper Mustang region is one of its kind of trekking adventure that blesses us...

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Posted on: 10-Apr-2017

How To Avoid Food Poisoning in Nepal?

“Eat healthily & think better.” Ah Yes! the good old nemesis of travelers; “Food Poisoning” … It might feel absurd...

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Posted on: 09-Apr-2017

Why should you trek?

“Nature holds pleasure in the pathless woods & rapture in the scenic landscapes” For some individuals, trekking far and wide gives va...

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Posted on: 31-Mar-2017

Clothes: “A necessity for traveling”

Surely anyone who likes traveling does know that for every different trip they make, they need a different set of travel clothes. Either it is a trip...

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Posted on: 28-Mar-2017

Popular stops of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Anyone who chose the Annapurna Base Camp route for their trek in Nepal should know that this trek is considered to be one of the most popular treks in...

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Posted on: 28-Mar-2017

Trekking in Nepal- A complete guide

“Life for eternity has always found its grandeur and its reality in its ecstatic adventures.” Frankly speaking, anyone who dreams of visi...

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Posted on: 22-Mar-2017

Ultimate Guide to Langtang Trek

Whenever someone mentions something about trekking in Nepal, they either mean it as Everest trek or Annapurna trek. It seems that even though being co...

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Posted on: 19-Mar-2017

Ultimate Guide to Annapurna Base Camp Trek

In the case that you're in Nepal, it is probably a likelihood that you are here to do some trekking. With so many different trekking routes and destin...

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Posted on: 19-Mar-2017

Are you a smart adventure traveler?

We all love to travel around the world and specifically trek around the foothills of the great Himalayas. That’s what makes us adventure enthusi...

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Posted on: 17-Mar-2017

How to Make Your Trek More Fun and Realistic

The best thing about Nepal trekking adventures is that we get wonderful opportunities to see new things, meet new people by exploring new places which...

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Posted on: 10-Mar-2017

Happy Holi - day! – Colorful Festival in Nepal

Holi represents happiness, Holi is believed to be a celebration of victory over evil, Holi brings two different cultures together, and therefore in sh...

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Posted on: 07-Mar-2017

Planning to Propose Her? | Trekking Marriage Proposal Tips and Ideas

Trekking is no longer simply an adventure for walking and exploring, at the same time it is also a great idea or a golden opportunity for a marriage p...

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Posted on: 05-Mar-2017

Less explored trekking destinations in Nepal

If you know what trekking means then you must have known about Everest and Annapurna treks. You are reading this article then most probably you have b...

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Posted on: 02-Mar-2017

Trekking Tips for Elderly

Are you an elderly person? Of course not right? We all are always young by our heart no matter how many birthdays we celebrate. However, a doubt strik...

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Posted on: 28-Feb-2017

Why Annapurna Base Camp Trek?

Why Annapurna base camp trek? Well, there are plenty of reasons to go for Annapurna base camp as it takes you through an amazing trail across the hill...

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Posted on: 26-Feb-2017

Trekking in Nepal During Spring Season

You must be planning for Nepal walking holidays, but unsure about when to pack your bags and hop in. The best time for Nepal trekking holidays is basi...

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