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Why to trek with a local trekking agency in Nepal

  • 26-Feb-2015
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Are you looking for the best trekking company in Nepal that takes care of all your travel needs and fits within your budget? If your answer is yes then we suggest you go with a locally owned trekking agency that best suits you. Why so?  Well, here are the top 5 reasons why you should:

  1. Cost-effective trek booking without compromise on quality:

    Compare the total cost of the trip that you are looking for between local and international trekking companies. You will see a huge difference; Local trekking companies in Nepal offer the same trip with similar facilities at almost half the price of international companies. This price difference is not due to compromise in quality of travel services like accommodation and transport etc. But it is due to the avoidance of numerous mediators and their commission. You are booking any trip with a local trekking company means you are directly in contact with them. No middle man! And no unnecessary commissions are involved. Therefore it is the first and foremost thing that you should know before choosing your travel and trekking organizer.
  2. Local trekking company in Nepal knows the local region best:

    Most of the Nepal trekking companies are operated by local professionals with local trekking guides who are born and raised on the foothills of the Himalayan environment. The local company knows which guide is from which region of the country and sends them with clients accordingly. For example: If you are going for Everest Base Camp trek and Sherpa guides are recommended by local companies. Whereas while booking with international companies, you will have no idea with whom you are going to trek beforehand. No one can beat the knowledge of local guides regarding the place, routes, cultures, traditions, lifestyle, history, politics, flora, fauna, and customs. Therefore booking trips with locally operated hiking company ensure more exploring and learning opportunities.
  3. Travel and trekking company in Nepal supports the local economy and creates employment opportunities:

    The concept of sustainable tourism perfectly applies while booking with local agencies related to travel and trekking.  You will feel real happiness when you put some money into the local economy. An increasing number of travelers increases employment opportunities and positively impacts the overall development of local living standards. Most of the locally owned hiking agencies are also actively involved in social work. Therefore it would be the trekking for a good cause if you book your trip with these local companies.
  4. Local trekking companies in Nepal are more flexible in rates, itineraries, and other travel terms:

    When it comes to change or modification in plan locally owned hiking agencies are considered more flexible. As you will be in direct contact with local trekking operators, there will not be any communication gap. They will also fulfill your travel needs from itinerary customization to transportation, accommodation, booking, and trip activities modification. Along with special offers and seasonal discounts you will have your trekking holiday exactly in the way you want it.
  5. Local trekking company is always updated with current trekking conditions and local news:

    Booking with a local trekking company in Nepal makes you up to date with current trekking conditions, tips and tricks to be applied, and all necessary information that you must know before and while Nepal trekking adventures.

    Therefore book your next trekking adventure with Icicles Adventure Treks. In short, save money, never miss the thing, support locals, get updated info and embark on your trekking in Nepal holiday in your way.

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