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Posted on: 21-Feb-2017

4 Youtube Videos That Inspires to Visit Nepal

We need inspiration for everything. For studying, playing and same thing applies for traveling too. I can't even imagine doing anything without inspir...

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Posted on: 06-Feb-2017

7 Things to Expect While Visiting Nepal

Nepal is a popular hotspot for adventure lovers, trekkers, and travelers. Most of the travelers say that they ‘visit Nepal during the best seaso...

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Posted on: 29-Jan-2017

Explore Nepalese Cultural Diversity on Walking Trips | It’s More Than a Gift

We feel privileged to organize various walking, hiking trips around the foothills of the Nepal Himalayas. And our trip experts specialize in this fiel...

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Posted on: 13-Jan-2017

Useful Tips for Solo Trekkers

With so many tips tipping around the internet. Kindly go through these tips if you are planning to take off for solo treks in Nepal. Don’t be n...

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Posted on: 09-Jan-2017

10 Reasons to Go For Trekking in Nepal Now

There is no doubt that Nepal is the best value-for-money destination. Many travelers visit this beautiful country to see the Himalayas, explore local...

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Posted on: 04-Jan-2017

Congratulations to Mr. Ali El Olabi for being first Mera Peak sumitter in 2017

Jordanese citizen, Mr. Ali El Olabi was successful being the first climber to summit Mera Peak in 2017.  He reached the Mera peak summit (6419m)...

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Posted on: 04-Jan-2017

Best Viewpoints of Nepal

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Reaching the viewpoint and getting to witness the exceptional beauty of Mother Nature afte...

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Posted on: 03-Jan-2017

Climbing Mera Peak : Through an Eye of Sherpa Guide

For those who are not familiar with Mera Peak, please let me introduce you to the highest trekking peak in Nepal, standing tall at an altitude of 6461...

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Posted on: 23-Dec-2016

Climbing Island Peak: Assumption VS Reality

Looking forward to climbing Island Peak? Wondering how close is your assumption to the actuality? Follow along with Icicles Adventures’ Island P...

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Posted on: 22-Dec-2016

Ultimate New Year Holidays: Beautiful Winter Treks in Nepal

Winter treks in Nepal do not mean walking on the snow or climbing ice, skiing on mountains, or even getting at altitudes with freezing temperatures. C...

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Posted on: 20-Dec-2016

Adventures to Do This New Year in Nepal

Adventure lovers are always on for breathtaking experiences and they simply make the most out of their trip. As New Year is approaching near, travel n...

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Posted on: 12-Dec-2016

10 Mistakes Beginner Hikers Usually Do

It is okay to make mistakes. Everyone does, the main thing is we have to learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them. A similar thing applies w...

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Posted on: 09-Dec-2016

Things To Do During Annapurna Base Camp Trek Besides Hiking

Are you looking for Annapurna base camp trek? May be you want to know what extra things to do, see, experience during the trek besides hiking. Are you...

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Posted on: 02-Dec-2016

Celebrate Christmas Holidays in Nepal with Icicles

Christmas and New Year are around the corner and now it's time to plan for your holiday. It is fun but might be kind of repetitive celebrating this am...

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Posted on: 30-Nov-2016

Top Tips to Consider While Trekking in Nepal in Winter

Trekking in Nepal in winter is possible and can be your best travel experience ever if you prepare well in a smart way. There is a big difference betw...

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Posted on: 18-Nov-2016

4 Things You Might Not Know About Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest which is popular as the highest mountain in the world is the number one destination for climbers and trekkers from all around the world. E...

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Posted on: 10-Nov-2016

Where is Mount Everest?

Everyone knows that Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world but many people may not know where exactly it is. Mt. Everest, one of the seven...

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Posted on: 10-Nov-2016

Pokhara, An adventurous City of Nepal Adorned with Himalayan Beauty

One Nepalese poet wrote a famous song:Machhapuchhre swims in Phewa Lake, Pokhara is really Pokhara ! (because the sight of Mt. Machhapuchhre’s i...

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Posted on: 02-Nov-2016

Should I Go For Trekking Solo in Nepal?

Why trekking solo can give you the best travel experience ever? Most of us love to go for trekking adventures, but we hesitate to go solo. So we even...

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Posted on: 28-Oct-2016

IAT Wishes Happy Tihar (Suva Dipawali): The Festival of Lights, Flowers, Sweets and Happiness

The grand festival of Tihar reflects the light of brightness, flowers, sweets, and happiness among all people. It is another major festival of Hindus...

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Posted on: 24-Oct-2016

Junko Tabei, The First Woman to Summit Everest Dies

“A climbing legacy passes on to the next generation of women mountaineers” Junko Tabei became the first woman to summit Mt. Everest in Ma...

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