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Trekking in Nepal: trekking alone vs with trekking agency

  • 22-Jan-2015
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Independent trekking guide or registered trekking agency? What would you prefer for booking your Nepal treks? It’s all your decision but whenever you embark on trekking activities, we suggest you book your trip via a registered trekking agency in Nepal. Why? Well, here are some points that might make things more clear:

Safety  issues:

Registered trekking agency ensures safety which is the primary thing that you should be concerned about while booking your Nepal treks. Safety here refers to both financial and physical safety. If anything goes wrong during contingency situations, government-registered trekking agencies are there to help you whereas the independent trekking guide takes no responsibility whatsoever. Also, you will be 100% safe while booking your trip through a registered trekking company.

Regarding appropriate licenses:

An independent trekking guide might not have a government license to serve as a trekking guide. Whereas all the trekking agencies in Nepal should be government registered and be affiliated with tourism-related government organizations like TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal).

Adequate knowledge and experience:

Registered trekking company hires experienced, registered and professional trekking guides who are highly knowledgeable on regional routes, cultures, and hospitality. In contrast, the knowledge and experience of independent trekking guides cannot be guaranteed.

Prompt advanced booking and exclusive facilities:

During peak seasons, large numbers of travel enthusiasts embark for Nepal trekking adventures. Hotel, teahouses almost remains full. The only way to break free from these booking hassles and concentrate on a joyous enjoyable trip is to book through the registered trekking agency. In this case, an independent trekking guide can’t assure you regarding booking and other services.

Sustainable tourism:

Trekking through a registered trekking agency helps the local economy grow, creates more employment opportunities, and creates a positive impact on the lives of local beneficiaries. Whereas trekking through independent trekking guides has no provision of sustainable tourism.
Therefore, to create the best of adventurous trekking holidays in Nepal; choose professional, experienced, and dedicated trekking agencies in Nepal rather than any independent trekking guide.

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