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Tihar: Dazzling festival of lights in Nepal

  • 22-Oct-2014
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Tihar embellishes the whole environment with lights, flowers, and sweetness every year and is celebrated as the greatest festival in Nepal after Dashain. Either you call it Tihar, Diwali, Deepawali, or Yampanchak; it resembles the same grand festival celebrated with happiness for five days. The first day is Kaag (Crow) Tihar followed by Kukur (Dog) Tihar, Gai(Cow) Tihar or Laxmi Puja, Gobardan Puja or Mha(Self) Puja and finally Bhai(Brother) Tika. During these five days, everyone seems busy decorating their home, workplace with dazzling lights, flowers, cooking sweets, and other delicious cuisines, and worshipping goddess Laxmi, especially on Laxmi Puja.

There are many mythological stories behind the reason for celebrating this festival Tihar. However, it is believed that Tihar brings happiness, fortune, and blessings among us and is celebrated with full passion and dedication.

While celebrating the Tihar festival in Nepal, Kaag and Kukur are worshipped on the first and second day respectively by offering them good meals. The saying “every dog has its day” becomes meaningful on Kukur Tihar.

The upcoming main three days of Tihar are public holidays where, Laxmi Puja, Mha Puja, and Bhai tika carry more significance and are celebrated full of happiness and joy. On Laxmi puja day, a cow is worshipped as it is considered a god and is respected as a mother in Hthe Hindu religion. During the same night goddess, Laxmi is worshipped for good fortune and blessings.

The next day is Gobardan Puja or Mha Puja in Newari culture. Beautiful mandala art is decorated for each person of the family and the elder ones proceeds with the rituals then every member of the family is self-worshipped with flowers, walnuts, and delicious meals. It brings togetherness, happiness, and peace to the family. Newari New year or “Nhudaya Bhintuna” also lies on the same day which is celebrated by going to the rally and organizing cultural programs on the streets and stages.

The final day of Tihar is Bhai tika which holds major significance in the relation of brothers and sisters. On this specific day, sisters put seven dot colors of tika on brother’s forehead and a necklace of supari (globe amaranth) flower with wishes of long life and prosperity. On this special day of brothers and sisters, they exchange gifts and celebrate the day full of joy.

In this way, Tihar holds major significance not only as a festival; but as a reason to be happy, peaceful, and prosper among the Nepalese. Therefore you can spectacle all these glowing moments with Icicles Adventure treks in this festive season.

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